How to Use Office Clipboard to Copy & Paste Multiple Items in Batch

Copy and paste is the most frequently used feature in our daily life. Here we will introduce Office clipboard which will improve our performance when working with Office applications such as Excel.

Windows Clipboard and Office Clipboard

  1. Windows clipboard

Normally when you press the shortcut key “Ctrl +C”, the content will be stored in the Windows clipboard. And then you can paste the content into other places for unlimited times. When you copy another value, the former content will then be replaced. Now you can paste the new value into other places.

  1. Office clipboard

Office also has the feature of clipboard. Different from the Windows clipboard, you can copy up to 24 different contents into the Office clipboard. If you copy the 25th value, this content will be stored in clipboard. At the same time, the first content in the clipboard will be cleared. When you activate an application, such as Excel, you can paste certain contents directly from the clipboard.

  1. Comparison of the two clipboards

And in the table below, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of the two clipboards.

Comparison Windows clipboard Office clipboard
Advantages 1.      Windows built-in function so you do not need to install any other applications.

2.      The content in Windows clipboard can be used in any other applications in this computer.

1.      You can store up to 24 contents in the clipboard.
Disadvantages 1.        Only one content can be kept in the clipboard. 1.      If you want to use Office clipboard, you must install Office beforehand.

2.      Only Office software can get access the contents in Office clipboard.


How to Enable/Disable Office Clipboard

Any Office application, including Access, Excel, Word, etc. has the Office clipboard. Before using it, you need to enable it first. Otherwise the content will be saved in the Windows clipboard.

Below we will show you how to do so by taking Excel as an example:

  1. Start Excel.
  2. Next click the small arrow in the “Clipboard” area.Open the Clipnoard

Thus, the clipboard will appear in the interface. Here the clipboard is empty because we haven’t copied any content.

  1. Click the button “Options” on the bottom of the clipboard. And then you can see 5 options in the menu.Options
  • If you check the first option “Show Office Clipboard Automatically”, the second option will also check automatically. Thus, when you need to copy many values in the current application, the clipboard will appear automatically. The first time you press “Ctrl + C”, nothing will happen. And then you press this shortcut again, the clipboard will appear. You need to pay attention that the fist content will not appear in the clipboard because the second content will replace it. Only when the clipboard appears, the different contents can remain together in it.
  • The second option means that if you press the shortcut twice, the Office clipboard will appear.
  • Now suppose you check the third option. When you need to copy many contents, you don’t need to open the Office clipboard. All the contents will automatically remain in it instead of remain in the Windows clipboard.
  • The 4th option relates to the clipboard icon in the taskbar. If you check this option, you can see this icon on the taskbar.

When you uncheck this option, it will not show in the taskbar.Clipboard Icon

  • The stats will appear in the right bottom of the computer when you are copying contents. It will show the numbers in the clipboard. Therefore, if you uncheck this option, you will not see this information.Copy Status

Thus, you can choose whether you want to check those options or not.

  1. Now click the small arrow in the clipboard.Small Arrow in Clipboard
  • If you want to move this clipboard into other place in this interface, you can click the option “Move” in this list. And then you can move it to the place that you need. When it arrives at the place, click the clipboard again. Thus, it will be fixed at the place.Move Clipboard
  • Click the second option “Size”, and then you can change the size of the clipboard.
  • Click the third button “Close” has the same effect of clicking the close button on the upper right corner.Close Clipboard

Now, you have a brief understanding of the Office clipboard.

A Real Example

Now you can refer to the example here to see how the Office clipboard can take effect. Suppose you need to import contents from a text file into an Excel file.An Example for Clipboard

If you need to import contents into one worksheet and put those contents into the adjacent columns, you can refer to our previous article: 3 Efficient Ways to Import External Data into Excel. However, those methods cannot finish the task if you need to input those contents into non-adjacent cells or columns. Instead of pasting one piece of content at a time, you can use this method below. And in this example, we only check the last two options of the clipboard.

Check Last Two Options

  1. Open the Office clipboard.
  2. Now switch to the text file.
  3. And then copy the target contents one by one. In this step, don’t paste those contents into other cell. When you are copying those contents, you can also see this information on the right bottom corner.Number Information

If there are more than 24 contents, you need to copy them the next time.

  1. After that, come back to Excel. Click the first target cell in the worksheet.
  2. Now click the values that you need to input into the cell in the clipboard. Thus, the first content has been pasted into the first target cell.Paste into Cell
  3. And then continue clicking other cells and paste values.

Here you can input those values into non-adjacent cells or cells in different worksheets. And this is exactly the core of this method. It makes the copy and paste process much more flexible.

  1. When you finish the paste process, you can close the clipboard.

All the contents in are now in the right place according to your necessity. Therefore, the next time if you need to copy values into non-adjacent cells, you can try to apply the Office clipboard.

Do not Ignore Small Errors in Excel

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