Use Increased Zip Capacity of 64 Bit Zip files to create effective Backups

Our computers today are more than just tools that we use to execute our work. Over time they become huge repositories of data, including our images, critical business information and correspondence. The mere thought of losing your data can give you nightmares and thus most of us prefer to backup our data. One of the best ways to securely backup your data involves zipping your important files together into a single archive. However the file size limit of 4 GB enforced by the zip format seemed to be a drawback for many of us who had a large collection of files for backup. Now thanks to the introduction of 64bit zip format, we can create huge zip archives whose limit is only constrained by the system resources available on your computer.


Creating Backups

When you decide backup your system you need to frame a basic backup plan. This involves understanding where your important documents are stored and with what frequency you need your current files to be updated in your backup files. Also you need to be sure about where you are storing your backup files. Most companies today prefer to backup their data on a network drive or a cloud server than DVDs which tend to get damaged over time. More over a remote drive or a cloud service allows you to store a large zip file without splitting it up in parts.

If you are looking to backup your system data, it would be prudent for you to grab hold of a current version of popular zipping application like WinZip that extends support to 64 bit zip files. To start with you need to launch the Job Wizard in the WinZip application and schedule the backup. You can set which folders you want to backup and the compression technique you wish to exercise. Next you can also set the output folders and even decide if you wish to store them locally or send them to a remote location. Further it offers you settings to periodically backup the desired folders and update the zip archives automatically without any intervention on your part. The job feature also allows you choose the way how the files are updated. For example if you choose a full data backup, they will backup all the files and would consume more space and time. Ideally Incremental backup option should be exercised which only tends to backup the files that have been changed since the last backup.


Recovering data from large corrupt zip files


At times even your backup files may fail you. In case you end up with a corrupt 64bit zip file, then the only way to extract its contents would be to use a specialized fix zip tool. Amongst the very few tools available in the market that can recover 64bit zip files, the DataNumen Zip Repair comes across as the best owing to its state of the art recovery engine. It can quickly recover large zip archives while maintaining the integrity of the encompassed data and the whole process can be completed in quick time.

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