How to Use the Header & Footer Feature in Your Excel (Part II)

In the previous article, we have talked about the page numbers and inserting the automatically generated contents. And now we will continue demonstrate about other usages of header & footer.

Except for the page numbers and other elements, you can also insert images to make the worksheet more unique. And one of the methods is inserting images into it.

Insert Background Picture into Worksheet

This is different from inserting an image into a worksheet directly. In addition, if you need to print the worksheet, the image will also appear in the paper.

  1. Click the area in header or footer.
  2. In the “Design” tab, click the button “Picture”.Click the Button Picture
  3. In the “Insert Picture” window, select a picture that you want to insert.Insert the Picture
  4. And then click the button “Insert”. Thus, the image will appear in the interface.The Picture in the Sheet

You may also notice that in the Normal view of worksheet, there will be no picture. This picture serves as the background. Therefore, if the picture has a certain size, it can not only appear in the area of header, but also the whole interface.

  1. You can also adjust the image size to make the interface clearer. Click the same place in Step1 where you have inserted the image.
  2. Now in the “Design” tab, click the button “Format Picture”.Format Picture
  3. And then in the “Format Picture” window, you can adjust the size of the image according to the actual size of the image.Adjust Size
  4. And then click “OK”. Thus, the picture will be in the right form.Picture in Right Place

Make the First Page Different

Except for inserting page numbers and images into worksheet, there is also another usage. Here if you need to make a difference between these two sets, you can add name into it. But the first page should be different.

  1. In the “Design” page, check the option “Different First Page”.Check Different First Page
  2. And then you can input the corresponding contents into the header. Here we input the “Sales Volume in 2015” and “Sales Volume in 2016” into the two different pages.Different Header

But if there is a third page, the header will also be “Sales Volume in 2016” because only the first page is different. On the other hand, if the first page is the summary and other pages contain the detail information, you can use this method. Therefore, this feature of header & footer is rather useful when the first page is about to be the cover.

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