How to Use the Header & Footer Feature in Your Excel (Part I)

The header & Footer feature in Excel is a very useful functionality. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about this feature in detail.

In Excel, if you want to insert page numbers or other elements in a worksheet, you can use the head & Footer feature. And it is especially useful when you need to print the worksheet.

Insert Page Number

In this workbook, you can see that there are two different data sets about sales volume.An Example for Insert Page

And now you need to print it. But without the obvious order in cells, you need to insert the page numbers into the worksheet to distinguish these two sets.

  1. Click the button “Insert” in the ribbon.
  2. Then click the button “Header & Footer” in the toolbar.Click Header and Footer

Thus, the view of Excel will be “Page Layout”. Therefore, the above two step can also be replaced by clicking the muddle button on the bottom right part in Excel.Cick the Button

  1. Now click the top area of the interface. And then you will see the tab of “Design”.Click the Top
  2. So here continue clicking the button “Design”.
  3. And then click the button “Page Number”. Thus, the page will appear in the worksheet.Click the Button Page Number
  4. Next click any other place in the interface, and the page number will appear. You will also find that in the second page, there is also a page number.Page Number in Second Page

As a result, you can always use this way to insert page numbers into worksheet. The page number will also be printed, and you can check it in the “Print Preview”. And except for the header, you can also insert page number into the footer. Besides, there are three boxes in a header or footer, and you can choose the appropriate place according to your need.

Insert Automatically Generated Contents in Header or Footer

Except for inserting page number, you can also input other elements. Excel has automatically provided users with many different contents that can insert into header or footer. Here we use the header for an example

  1. Click a blank box in the header. And here we click the first box.Click the Button Header
  2. In the “Design Tab”, click the button “Header” in the ribbon.
  3. And then there will be a drop-down menu. In this menu, you can see many different options.Many Options
  4. Now click any of the option that you need. Thus, it will appear in the header. And here the contents in different boxes are fixed in Excel. If you choose “Page 1”, it will appear in the middle box. And if you choose other contents, they will appear in different boxes according to the default setting.In Different Place

In addition, you can also input into the footer. What’s more, all the header or footer in different page will change at the same time. Thus, you only need to change in one page.

In addition, in the next part of the article, we will discuss about other usages.

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