How to Use Clustered Column Chart in Excel

Except for importing and analyzing data and information, you can also set up charts to help you better study the information. Therefore, today we will introduce how to use clustered column in Excel.

Different from the tables in Excel, charts leave people with a more intuitive impression. Through charts, you can easily judge the tendency in certain area. One of the most used charts is the clustered column. And now we will introduce some characteristics about it.

Insert a Clustered Column

It is very easy to insert a clustered column.

  1. Select the area where you want to create a clustered column of it.
  2. In the tab of “Insert” on the ribbon, click the button “Column”. And then you will see many options of different columns.Create a Clustered Column
  3. In the menu, click the first option “Clustered Column”. And then the clustered column will be created.The Clustered Column

Select Data according to Your Need.

Now that you have set up your clustered column, you can analyze the data and information in the column. There are many data in a year, so sometimes you may need to analyze the information in a certain area. For example, you only need to know the tendency of the second half of the year. And you can choose the data manually.

  1. When your cursor is on the column, there will be a tab of “Chart Tool”. Thus in the design tab, click the button of “Select Data”.Click Select Data
  2. Then the window “Select Data Source” will pop up.Select Data Source

Now, you can move your mouse to select the area of data, or you can manually input the area into the area into the text box “Select Data Source”.

  1. Click “OK” and you will find that the data in the column changes.The Data Changes

There are only six months in the column. Therefore, if you need to choose other months, you can also click the button.

Insert Chart Title and Axis Titles into the Column

Sometimes there will be many charts in a worksheet. Thus, you need to add chart title into the clustered. And for the horizontal and vertical axis, you can also add the titles to identify the classifications.

  1. Click the “Layout” tab in the “Chart Tools”.
  2. In the ribbon, you can see that there are two buttons of Chart Title and Axis Titles.The Button of Title

In each of the button, you can also choose different types of titles. And you can set according to your actual need.Set Titles

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