Why Not Use AutoCorrect to Insert Specific Hyperlinks?

If you constantly insert specific hyperlinks to selected words, you are better off using AutoCorrect to improve work efficiency.

In daily work, I am frequently required to insert hyperlinks to several specific words. For instance, every time when I type in my company’s name, I need to insert my company’s official website URL. I used to click “Hyperlinks” button to insert the website URL. But it is so annoying that I always have to do repeating works. I really hope that Outlook can remember my repeating operations, such as the hyperlinks. Actually Outlook is really capable to “remember them”. It is realized by AutoCorrect, by which we can force Outlook to make the words with designated hyperlink automatically.

If you have similar experiences, you must be pleasant at the good approach below. This method is very simple. Besides, it is also appropriate to all versions of Outlook. Here are the steps.

Steps to Use AutoCorrect to Insert Specific Hyperlinks

  1. To start with we should click “New Email’ in “Home” ribbon to create a new email message.
  2. In the content field of new message, type the selected words to be inserted hyperlink.
  3. Then select and right click it. In context-menu, select “Hyperlink”. In the new dialog of “Insert Hyperlinks”, we could type or paste the specified website into “Address” field. And click “OK” to return to the “Message” page. We will certainly see the selected has been with a hyperlink. Try out it by click it as press Ctrl meanwhile. The website will open in browser.Insert hyperlinks
  4. After ensuring created hyperlinks, we should select the words again. And then go to “File” menu in “Message” page.
  5. Click “Options” and select “Mail” in “Outlook Options” window. Then locate and click “Spelling and AutoCorrect” button.
  6. Next we would be required to click “AutoCorrect Options” button under “Proofing”.
  7. In “AutoCorrect in Email” window, the selected text will exist in the “With” field. Determine the “formatted text” is chosen. And then enter keywords to be inserted this hyperlink. Do not forget to click “Add”.AutoCorrect-in-Email
  8. Finally click a series of “OK” to save it.

Essential Measures after Outlook Corruptions

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