Use an Alias with your Email ID in Outlook

Email today has becomeemail-alias-5439756 the primary means of communication in business and a fancy alias has a higher recall value. Essentially such alias appears before your email ID in the recipients Inbox and can be easily noticed. For example an alias such “CEO my-firm” is most likely to be picked up and replied to rather than say “”. In this article we will look at settings changes that would allow you to send an email with an alias. Once you achieve this even the message header would show the alias before email ID.


Changing Account Settings to Set an Alias

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application
  2. Depending on your version, move into the Account Settings. Typically it would appear under File >> Tools
  3. Once Account Settings screen is before you, you need to first choose the account you wish to modify, from the Email tab, and hit the Change button
  4. In the subsequent screen, you need change the content placed in the Name box and place name that you wish to be carried as Alias
  5. Now you need to click on More Settings that appear in the right bottom screen
  6. In the subsequent screen that pops up you need to go to the first General tab
  7. Under Mail account label change the name to the Alias you prefer
  8. Once done click the Next button and then hit the Finish button to complete process.

Note: When you save the change, Outlook may try to test the Account settings. Hence under the Change Account screen, that incidentally appears in step 4, you need to uncheck the box placed next to “Automatically test Account Settings …..”

Disregarding PST errors can lead to a catastrophe

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