What to Do If USB Flash Drive Suddenly Becomes RAW?

When you fail to access a USB flash drive and receive an error message mentioning unrecognized file system, it refers to that the USB flash drive becomes RAW. But, do not panic. This article will focus on this problem and teach you how to cope with it.

USB flash drive, due to its good portability, small size and high security, has been widely used by a myriad of users. However, like the external hard drives or others, it can become inaccessible as well. One of the most common scenarios where you cannot access a USB flash drive is that the drive becomes RAW.

What to Do If USB Flash Drive Suddenly Becomes RAW?

When a USB flash drive becomes RAW, no one is permitted to access any part of the drive. At the same time, its storage capacity, namely used and unused spaces will be shown as “zero”. In this case, the data originally stored in this “RAW” drive are lost. Unquestionably, such a case is quite frustrating and frightening. Thus, in the followings, we will teach you how to deal with it effectively.

Open the Drive via WinHex

In the first place, you could utilize the WinHex tool to rescue this USB flash drive. You can download and install it on your computer. Then launch it. In its window, you can switch to “Tools” menu, under which you need to “Open Disk”. After that, try to open the USB flash drive straightly. If this works, you will be able to access your files in this drive. Now, you can copy the files here to another place.

Install Right Format Support Package

Moreover, if your computer operating system cannot recognize the file system of the USB flash drive, it will be shown as “RAW”, too. For instance, if the USB flash drive is formatted with exFAT and your Windows system doesn’t support it, the drive will surely be RAW. At this time, what you can do is to download and install the corresponding disk format support package.

Check All Interfaces

Plus, chances that the culprits are the faulty interfaces, such as the computer USB ports and the drive’s own interfaces. With no doubt, if the port is damaged or suffering other issues, the USB flash drive may become “RAW” as well. Therefore, you have to check all the interfaces between the drive and PC.

Perform RAW Recovery

Provided that all mentioned above cannot make effects, your last resort is RAW recovery. Since “RAW” issues have plagued numerous users for a long time, there are a great number of relevant data recovery tools in the marketplace. It is easy for you to select a reliable and effective one, which can not only restore the USB flash drive to right file system format, but also is able to retrieve the data, such as corrupt Outlook data and so on.

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