Updating multiple Contacts in one go in Ms Outlook

In this article we look the option of updating data related to several contacts in one go.

Updating multiple Contacts in one go in Ms Outlook

The Contacts feature in Outlook is rather well designed and intuitive to use. In fact, creating contacts in Outlook is one of the easiest things and when you start with it within an hour you will notice that you have added a number of contacts in the Contacts Folder of Outlook. But, what if you wish to update not one but multiple contacts in one go in Outlook? Obviously, updating each one of the contacts from the huge list will consume a lot of time, so is there any way to update multiple contacts all together in MS Outlook? Yes, there indeed is a way to do so and we will describe it in this article.

The easiest way to update some general information for multiple contacts that are somehow linked to one another in MS Outlook 2013 and 2010 starts by clicking on View Tab followed by choosing the View Settings. In case, you are working on other older versions of MS Outlook, then you will need to click on View and go to the Arrange By Option and pick the Customize Current View Option. Next step would be to select the Group By Option and there pick the Select Available Fields From and Address Fields Options mentioned at the bottom side. After this you will be required to choose the Group Items By Option on the top most side and Business Address Field followed by clicking on OK.

Once you have completed the above mentioned steps, you will at once notice that all your MS Outlook Contacts are grouped or nestled by the Business Address. In case, there are some old contacts still remaining, then, simply drag and drop them in your updated contact group. After this, MS Outlook will automatically update the Field for Business Address of all your contacts added in that group.

In the similar way, you can update the other Outlook fields for multiple contacts at one go. For instance, if you wish to change the Business Phone Number in MS Outlook for multiple contacts, then you first need to make sure that at least one of your contacts is updated with the new business contact number. Go to the Contacts from the Home Tab and then choose the Current View Group and choose the List Option. There you will see an option of Business Phone, just update the new business phone number there. Also, Right Click the Header and select the Field Chooser and pick the appropriate field from there. Next you will need to click and drag the option of Business Phone right to the Contact Header Bar. After this, do a Right Click on the Business Phone Header and simply choose the Group by This Field.

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