Unleash the Power of the Outlook Calendar feature

Owing to our hectic schedules, we tend to miss out onOutlookCalendarView important things in life and at work. While trying to keep a track of our meetings and priorities with a paper based diary is passé, using a dedicated scheduler often becomes messy. Familiarizing yourself with a new software and then using it on a regular basis is a hassle and thus most professionals typically prefer the convenience of the Outlook calendar functionality to manage their schedules. Moreover the latest iterations of Outlook have substantially improved the calendar functionality and now a host of activities can be managed and tracked through this feature.


  • The Basics of Outlook Calendar

At the outset you need to understand that Outlook Calendar is designed with an eye on keeping things simple. So it primarily categorizes the entries into easily recognizable heads such as Appointments, Tasks, Meetings etc. Let’s look at how you can utilize them to manage your schedules. To start with select any specific day on the calendar and place in your appointments. Outlook allows you to block time and set reminders for the specified appointment according to your specifications. Next you can schedule meetings where you can also invite other colleagues to join in. Interestingly periodic reminders are also sent to them if they are on your Exchange network. In order to list down things that you need to do, you can create tasks. Once you complete a task you can mark it as complete and quickly focus on the remaining tasks. Outlook also allows you to create events which may run across the day. While they do not block your time slots they serve as a great way to remind yourself of important occasions.


  • Getting More out of Outlook Calendar

The calendar feature lets you do a whole more than just plan your schedule. In case you have numerous meetings you can choose to color code them as per their category or importance and you can quickly visualize the ones that need your attention. Further you can set recurring events wherein everyday or week you are reminded of a regular activity or meeting that you need to engage in. You can also mark appointments as tentative if you are not sure and can mark slots where you would be out of office. Incidentally you can also print out your calendars along with the given schedules and if needed conceal the appointments that are set as private. You can even export the calendar in multiple formats such as Excel spreadsheets or Access files.


  • What if Outlook crashes and you stand the chance of losing your calendar entries

Given the fact that you can use the Outlook calendar to schedule important meetings and your list of future engagements; suddenly losing that data can cause unprecedented hardships. In such a scenario you can try out an effectual repair pst tool like the DataNumen Outlook repair and extract back your calendar details along with other data. This highly powerful tool is also capable of recovering all Outlook elements like contacts etc and can even extract emails irrespective of their format.


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