Understanding the Instant Search Feature in MS Outlook – A Primer

In this article we would take an in depth look into the Instant Search feature available in latest iteration of Ms Outlook.

Understanding the Instant Search Feature in MS Outlook – A Primer
Instant Search as seen in Google and other online search engines has been a huge hit with people. Perhaps, this is the reason that Microsoft, one of the leading IT companies of the world, thought of adding an Instant Search Feature in their very popular MS Outlook. As the name suggests, Instant Search is a feature that has been designed to help the user find an item directly by simply providing a set of keywords in the search box. Read on to know in depth about Instant Search Feature of MS Outlook.
If you are wondering, why to use Instant Search Feature in MS Outlook, then there is not one but three answers to your query. Firstly, it helps in searching for an item in the entire Outlook application. Secondly, it helps in adding more search criteria. Thirdly, it enables you to use a recent search again. The best part is that you have the choice to decide, whether to turn the Outlook Instant Search On or Off.
As we mentioned, Instant Search feature, helps in finding an item quickly in MS Outlook. You can use this feature in all your Outlook contacts, calendar and even emails. You can easily find Outlook items using search techniques like the following:
• F11: Helps in searching a person in the contacts.
• CTRL E: Helps in finding the instant search option in a short cut way.
• CTRL ALT W: Helps expanding and querying the Builder.
• CTRL ALT W: Helps in searching in an advance way.
• CTRL ALT A: Helps in searching in all mail items.
Secondly, as we said Instant Search enables you to add on search criteria in different ways. For instance, you can easily specify your search by clicking in the Instant Search box or the Search Tools tab. There you will get a Refine option, under which a variety of criteria options are mentioned to help you specify your search criteria. Lastly, Instant Search gives you the advantage of reusing a search again in Outlook, as it saves your latest ten searches for a reuse. Just click the Recent Searches option under the Search Tools tab and there you are able to reuse the search results.
Other quick facts that are worth noting about Instant Search Feature are that it is currently available only in the Cached Exchange Mode. Moreover, this interesting feature has been developed in such a way that it relies on the WDS or the Windows Desktop Search function of its operating system. You must also note that if you are using MS Outlook in its online mode, then the query is passed directly to the MS Exchange Server by the Instant Search feature.

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