Understanding Record Types in Ms Outlook Business Contact Manager

The Business Contact Manager feature in Outlook has gained a lot of positive goodwill in last couple of years. While some small businesses have started to use it as a CRM tool, others have preferred to ignore it, given the fact that it needs a bit of effort to understand it. The BCM feature uses several distinct record types to depict entities and form relations between them. In this article we would look at these record types in detail and understand their significance.



Accounts – The Key Record type

Any entity with whom you do business with should be recorded as an account. In some cases a contact too can be an account, especially when he or she is an individual client and not an organization.


Lead – The cornerstone against which your marketing campaigns are focused on

The Lead record type is used to identify a prospect. It can be an individual or an entity interested in purchasing your product and service. Outlook gives you the capacity to qualify your leads and generate lead reports as per your requirements.


Business Contact

This record type is essentially used to denote an individual with whom you are dealing with. Ideally Business contacts should be linked to accounts while such a relationship is not mandatory.



Following the standard CRM terminology, the BCM tool uses the Opportunity record type to portray a possible business sale. In BCM it is necessary to directly link an opportunity record with an account or a specific business contact.


Other Record Types

The Business contact manager includes several other record types that should be used under specific conditions. For example you would come across the prominent Business Project record type that is used to collate activities under a specific project name. When you visualize a business project, it is always in conjunction with a contact or an account.

Typically a project would involve a set of tasks that are supposed to be carried out. The BCM also includes record types to depict the communication that has taken place. Now these can relate to a project or can be associated with other entities. Logs from phone calls to email records are part of this record type.


PST File Corruption can Risk the Data created by the Business Contact Manager

An Outlook crash resulting out of a PST file corruption can not only risk your emails, it can easily risk all the data that you have painstakingly built up with the BCM feature. Now if you do not wish to see your valuable lead and account data vanishing before your eyes then you should get hold of a powerful pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to retrieve the lost Outlook data. The application is designed to recover all Outlook data elements and from all places including Norton Ghost backup files or virtual machine drives. Further it can deal with humongous files and is equally effective in retrieving attachments and emails in HTML format.


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