Understanding the benefits of Cloud solutions integrated for SQL Server database

With cloud storage solutions making a big headway in the enterprise space, we look at how they can add value to a SQL Server implementation

Microsoft Azure CloudMost of relational database management software store large amounts of data and hence come with their own cloud storage platform. It is the same for SQL Server as well; the Azure cloud by Microsoft is designed only for SQL users. Cloud storage refers to bulk storage available for free; it involves a collection of servers and computers which are used for storing user data from users all across the globe. It is maintained by a cloud storage provider and is accessed through Internet. Apart from the Azure cloud service there are various other cloud services which are integrated for SQL users, one such service has been made available by Amazon; the Amazon Web Service (AWS).

One of the biggest drawback of using cloud computing is the lack of security. Most cloud solution providers offer services that might be used together or separately, depending upon the needs of the user. You might also use the database security groups for locking down the database instance.

Key Benefit of using cloud solutions with SQL Server – Scalability and Low cost

Cloud Storage For SQL ServerIn case you work in a firm where data needs are growing with each passing day, the cloud offers just the right mix to scale your SQL implementation without investing in extra hardware. Using a cloud storage platform not only provides cheap storage but also increases availability, scalability and efficiency of databases along with providing safer backups. There are multiple well integrated cloud services to choose from if you are a SQL user. However before you go on selecting a cloud storage platform it is important to understand which one is the best suited for your use and which one is the most compatible. It is beneficial to use the one which comes with a free version for trial, as it not only allows to figure out how to use it but also gives you an idea about how having it can help you.

In the era of cloud storage being so rampant on our phones as well as computers, it doesn’t make sense to invest much on hardware. Wi-Fi access is available all across the country, so anything on the cloud can easily be shared and accessed using cloud if you wish to. In order to be able to use these services it is important for the user to first make a user account.

A DBA should always consider options to protect the data stored in the SQL database under tenuous circumstances

The DBA has a primary role in effectively managing the performance of the database and ensuring business continuity. To negotiate challenging events like a SQL crash, DBAs can consider using a mdf repair tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery which makes recovering the compromised data as easy as taking a walk in the park. Its recovery capacity is unparalleled in its class and it can handle recovery of data from virtual drives too.

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