Understanding the Advantages of Query Store in Ms SQL Server 2016

In this article we look at some of the key advantages of Query store in SQL Server 2016

Query Store in Ms SQL Server 2016Your wish for a faster and easier way to deal with troubleshooting while working on SQL Server gets fulfilled now in the latest 2016 version that comes with the smart Query Store. As the name suggests, the Query Store features different scenarios where a user can get trouble while working on the server just to simplify the performance. Once enabled, this store automatically picks and even retains a history of all the queries that you ever asked. The best advantage of this feature is to quickly search for performance differences between what is expected and what is actually happening with the user on the server. Learn about the other various benefits of using the Query Store in MS SQL Server 2016 through this article.

Advantages of Query Store

The Query Store is designed in such a way that it enforces the policies and direct them to wards the query engine to be executed in a particular manner. Here is a list of advantages of this feature in SQL Server:

  1. Another benefit of this store is that it can be enabled for particular databases where you want troubleshooting and not the entire server.
  2. Since, the Query Store comprises of a number of Dynamic Management Views or DMVs, it can access the stored or captured information along with the pre built reports for a faster analysis of the information.
  3. One of the major benefits of using a Query Store is that since it stores the captured information in its internal tables, the information can be fetched even when the server is restarted without any hassle.
  4. Query Store is beneficial because it comes integrated in the server engine and automatically starts picking information and execution plans that are used in the query runtime for a better troubleshooting.
  5. This smart feature also helps in picking a better plan from the history using a single T-SQL line.

Best Ways to Use Query Store

Now, let us throw some light on the best ways to use the Query Store in SQL Server 2016:

  1. Query Store is best used to identify the queries at the current situation as well as to identify them in the past with a proper runtime comparison.
  2. This feature is also useful to examine the different resources utilization like I/O, CPU and Memory for the database.
  3. Another major use of this new feature comes when the user wants to audit the history of query plans and find a fix or solution for a plan performance regression.
  4. Query Store can be really useful in determining the number of times a particular query was run in a particular period of time and what were the solutions offered.
  5. Most importantly, this feature helps understanding the type of workload the clients or users are using by capturing the query text and the execution plan

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