Understand Why MS SQL Server is Ideal for Mid Sized Businesses

A quick look at mid sized organizations dotting the businessSTB_Audience_SMB landscape will give you a very good idea about their IT needs. Since they already have a significant size, its stakeholders expect most of the support and business infrastructure that is typically associated with large enterprises. However a mid sized business does not have the financial bandwidth of a mega corporation and has to work under several constraints. IT budgets are often limited and when you are looking to implement a database solution in a mid tiered firm, a number of issues need to be addressed. SQL Server owing to it’s positioning as a powerful and yet flexible application gels quite well with the requirements of most mid tiered firms.


SQL Server is easy to use and scale up

A mid tiered firm typically does not have a huge technical team for maintaining their database implementation. So SQL Server becomes a logical choice as it is way too easy to operate as compared to Oracle. Moreover when you are looking to scale up SQL Server, the Windows ecosystem allows you to quickly add hardware resources in a seamless manner. Moreover with Windows Azure getting added to SQL Server, you can now use cloud storage for your database applications.


MS SQL Server is affordable as compared to its rivals

Even the most adherent supporters of Oracle would admit that SQL Server is way too friendly on the pocket as compared to an Oracle license. So for mid tiered firms who do not want spend a fortune on their data repositories, SQL Server becomes the inevitable choice. Most importantly, if you are not planning to work with Terra bytes of data, SQL Server will serve your needs quite well.


Availability of Trained Manpower and extensive Support

When you are looking to hire DBA’s and developers for SQL Server, the tasks is hardly onerous. Microsoft has created a training ecosystem that allows you to quickly find suitably skilled personnel at standard rates. In comparison, trying to find an experienced Oracle DBA is more difficult and they typically command a much higher salary package.

It is important to note that Microsoft provides a significant degree of product support to its corporate customers and overall you are likely to receive help more quickly for SQL Server than any other database application.  In fact there are a number of third party firms that would be happy to extend support to your SQL Server database application at rather competitive rates.


A Word of Advise on SQL Corruption

When you are running SQL Server for corporate applications, it always helps to keep a sql recovery tool around. Given the chances of SQL corruption occurring at any given point, a contingency tool like the like DataNumen SQL Recovery application can save you from losing all your data. Besides helping you to extract your corrupted files from hard disks, this versatile tool can also pull out data from other media types such flash drives and optical media.


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