Understand why at times Scan PST fails to repair corrupted pst files

The ScanPST tool allows users to repair corrupt and inaccessible PST or OST files on Outlook. It is of great importance to the users of Outlook as it helps them repair and recover the data stored on such files. Sometimes the tool fails to repair the corrupted files. Lets understand why something like this happens.

Microsoft Outlook, the email management client by the software giant, allows users to view, read and send email messages straight from the desktop without accessing the web browser. It allows them to manage a single or multiple email accounts from one platform and also offers archiving features for their emails and attachments. Users are also allowed to manage their calender, task list, contacts address book, maintain a journal and browse the internet if they want. The best thing about the platform is that it allows users to store their emails, calenders, tasks and journal on a single file called the Personal Storage Table file or the PST file. The PST file also contains all the user settings and configurations applied by the users on the platform. Now imagine the distress and the sense of panic when a PST file, which contains all this vital information and data, gets damaged or corrupted. A damaged or corrupted PST file becomes inaccessible from Outlook, making the information unusable by the client, prompting the users to repair PST file. Now, in order to deal with this situation, Microsoft has provided the Outlook Repair tool which comes in-built with the application. The tool, which is also known as ‘ScanPST.exe’, allows users to scan the damaged PST file and offers a detailed report of the problem. You can then choose to repair the file once you know exactly why the PST file is malfunctioning. The ‘ScanPST.exe’ file can accessed by searching for it using the ‘Find’ function available for Windows. In order to do so, simply copy paste the name of the repair tool and double click on it when it shows up. When it opens, just enter the name of the PST file you want to repair and click on the ‘Start’ button. You can also choose the manually locate and select the PST file from the browsing option. However, you must make sure that the tool creates a back-up of the PST file before it begins to repair PST file. You must be aware of the fact that even if the tool manages to repair the PST file, some of the information might still be missing from the recovered file. This happens when the PST file is extremely damaged or corrupted. Sometimes, when you use the ‘ScanPST.exe’ repair tool, it might not be able to complete the scan and repair the file properly. In some cases, the tool simply refuses to go ahead with file scanning. When the users try the tool, the following error message appears : An unexpected error prevented access to this file. Use ScanDisk to check the disk for errors, and then try using the Inbox Repair Tool again. When this message appears, the scanning process stops and users are left out in the cold with their unusable damaged website. This happens when the PST file gets damaged due to a virus, abrupt system shut down or media error. In such a case, users can use the DataNumen Outlook Repair tool by DataNumen to repair PST files.

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