Understand the scenarios where an Ms Access Form can show up as blank

The Ms AccessAccess_form database from Microsoft is still widely used across small businesses and in various departments of large companies too. The fact that Access is easy to use and creating applications or data entry forms around it is a piece of cake, adds to its attractiveness. The ability to create custom forms in Access with the wizard or in Design view has attracted numerous businesses to experiment with it as the whole process can be completed without much effort. In fact one can create a form to enter data about employee tasks in Access in couple of minutes. Next the same form can be used from different machines at the same time with just a pathname. However forms in Ms Access can perform inconsistently in some cases. For example at times you may find the text boxes in form vanishing out, the moment you open it in design view. Or at times the whole detail section seems to go away. Let’s look at some reasons behind the issue.


Forms can go Blank when no More Records can be added

One of the most common causes behind a Form turning up blank involves situations in which you cannot add more records through it. This can occur if you have set the allow addition default property in the specific form to “No”. It can even occur if the form is designed to only handle read only query and an unauthorized action is attempted through it. In some cases the error is noticed when the “Recordset type property” is not selected as Dynaset.


You get a Blank form when there are no Records to Show

Now if you are attempting to use the form to show records that actually do not exist, a blank form is a typical result. A simple query which does not generate any matching records can also lead to this issue cropping up. Moreover if you use the form on a table that has no stored records, a blank form may show up.


An Ms Access Database Crash can jeopardize your critical business data

For small business owners who keep their records on an Ms Access database and have applications designed for Access, a database crash can make you loose your entire data repository. This occurs because Ms Access stores the entire data in form a single MDB file. So if the underlying MDB file has been compromised all data including, specific application data stored in it would become inaccessible. To recover from such a scenario you can install an access repair tool such as DataNumen Access Repair which can get back all your data including tables and forms within minutes. Moreover the application can extract the RDBMS data including relations and indexes while maintaining complete integrity. Now this application can even help you when your Ms Access backup files too have been corrupted, irrespective of whether they are stored on a network drive or optical media.


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