Understand scenarios where emails can get automatically deleted in Outlook

The Outlook themail application is no stranger to quirks. However the idea that an email landing into your email can delete by itself may seem difficult to believe for some who have not experienced the issue. Unfortunately such incidents can occur in Outlook and there are several reasons which can cause emails to vanish. Let explore the possible causes in depth.


A Third Party application, most likely your antivirus application is causing the issue

Most antivirus applications today enable email scanning by default and all emails entering your mailbox are thoroughly scanned. However in some cases the antivirus application may conflict with Outlook and mark perfectly fine emails as virus laden and delete or quarantine them. In such cases mails may seem to vanish from your Inbox the moment they land into it. Also check if you have installed any third party spam filtering plug-in in Outlook which can easily cause such a behavior. Try uninstalling the plug-in and check if the issue persists.


A Custom Rule is either deleting or shifting the emails

One needs to check whether any rule that you have created, especially those related to detecting spam is shifting or deleting emails that are suspected as spam. If you do have such rules, uncheck them and observe if the issue gets resolved.


You are using multiple devices

If you are accessing Outlook on multiple devices without the checking the option of keeping a copy of the email on the server, such incidents can show up. To resolve the issue you need to shutdown such devices, say your tablet computer and your Smartphone and check Outlook again for new emails.


The Ignore Conversion feature in latest iterations of Outlook can also be to blame

In the latest iterations of Outlook, there is feature designed to ignore conversions that stretch on and on and are of no use to you. The feature was designed with the eye of saving your time from checking conversations that go on endlessly as people keep replying to all. If you have applied the same, some emails may automatically get deleted.


A PST Error in Outlook cannot be predicted

PST errors and crashes have bogged down the Outlook application over the years and it seems the problem still exists in the latest iterations. The tricky part about PST errors is that they are simply impossible to predict. You never know which day the Outlook application can crash due to a PST error and place your data at a serious risk. Well the best way to negotiate such possibility involves the use of an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair which can bring back the data in the event of a crash. The tool is designed to tackle the most complex PST corruption issues that can occur and has a stellar recovery record. Moreover the tool can bring back data from virtual drives and removable media with equal ease.


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