Two Ways to Insert VBA Button into Excel

In an Excel file, to run the VBA program, you have to finish several steps. So today we will launch two ways to insert VBA Button in Excel.

If you want to run a macro, you will often press the shortcut key “Alt + F11” to open the windows of VBA. And then, you click the button “Run Macro” in the toolbar. The other way is: click “View” -> click Macro -> choose the Macro -> click “Run”.

Alternatively, we can use the following two ways to invoke the VBA scripts more easily.

Insert Button into Worksheet.

  1. Click the button of “File” in the ribbon.
  2. Then click “Option”.Open Excel Options
  3. Then in the “Excel Options”, click “Customize Ribbon”.
  4. And then check the option of “Developer”.
  5. And click “OK”. And the “Developer” tab will appear in the ribbon.Add Developer
  6. In the “Developer”, click “Insert”.
  7. And then click “Button” in the new menu.Click to Add Button
  8. And then you will find that the shape of mouse becomes “+”. So you can drag mouse and draw a button in your target worksheet.
  9. After that, you will see a new window. Choose the macro to link to the button.
  10. And then click “OK”.Choose the Macro

After all the steps, now you can click this button and the VBA program will run.The VBA Button

The next time you need to run the program, you can still use this button. Besides, you can also change the button name.

Insert Button in the Quick Access Toolbar

  1. Click the small arrow on the quick access toolbar.
  2. In the drop-sown menu, click the option of “More Commands”.Click More Commands
  3. And then select “Macros” in the commands.Select Macros
  4. And then select the name of the VBA program.
  5. And then click “Add”.
  6. Then click “OK”.Select the VBA Macro
  7. And in the quick access toolbar, you will see the button.The Button on the Toolbar

And also click this button, you can run your VBA program.

Comparison between the Two Ways



Button in Worksheet Button in Quick Access Toolbar
Similarities 1.       Both of the two methods can run the VBA programs quickly.

2.       Once the buttons are set, the manipulation will be more convenient.

Differences It can only work on the worksheet where we put the button. This VBA code should be universal, so all other Excel files can also use this button to run the macro.

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