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Nearly every piece of brilliant software 201210221139483386application that you can find today is priced in a manner that it can be purchased by its target audience. The MS SQL server and some of its top competing products too have a price benchmark which may appear steep for small businesses. Given the fact that the cost of a product is keeping a huge section of its possible audience away from its flagship database product, Microsoft decided to unleash the SQL Server Express edition which is available completely free of charge. Using the same basic structure found in SQL Server, the Express edition brings the stellar solution in reach of small businesses and even individual users. Incidentally the Express edition is quite suitable for running compact database applications and can serve as a testing ground before you decide to invest in a full fledged database application.


  • What Sets the SQL Server Express apart

Besides its core USP of being available for free, the SQL Server Express edition packs in it quite a punch. It’s a perfect application for a small company looking to create desktop applications typically used for time tracking or work scheduling. It can also be used to facilitate web applications and can seamlessly store 10 gigabytes of data per instance. It contains same top of the line capabilities like rich table and support for LINQ.

From enforcing policy based restrictions and access controls to implementing dynamic backup procedures, the Express edition does complete justice to the requirements of a small business and provides all the necessary features needed for a professional database implementation. It also includes the trademark synchronizing capabilities found in the flagship SQL Server and even offers complete support for change tracking.

When it comes to usability the SQL Server Express edition is quite primed to the needs of its users. It comes with a graphic interface and can be easily customized to suit your needs. Further when attempt to create a database you would received onscreen instructions to complete the process. The Reporting feature is quite straightforward and Queries too can be created without much effort.

The Express edition though has some limitations too. For instance it is restricted to a single CPU while multiple cores are supported. Similarly memory support is capped at 1GB and it does have features like the SQL Server agent.


  • How to deal with corrupt SQL Server files

As with any other application and data files, the MDF files of SQL server too can become corrupt owing to a myriad of issues. Now if you are looking to get back compromised MDF or NDF files without spending a fortune with a recovery agency then you can try to take help of a sql recovery tool like the DataNumen SQL Recovery. This cutting edge recovery tool can dig out data from nearly SQL Server edition data file and also comes with batch recovery options. Moreover the tool is uniquely suitable for extracting data that include sparse columns.


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