How to Transpose Tables in Excel

Excel has a number of smart features which are of great importance for our work. Those Excel functions can be very helpful when we need to deal with huge amount of data. And today we will introduce an Excel tip on transposing tables.

Sometimes, you need to deal with a table in an Excel file. And this document might possibly be made by others. However, the arrangement of the table doesn’t conform to your habit. And now you may need to transpose this table so that you can improve your operational efficiency. Here is an example of  Excel tips, which can teach you how to transpose the table. Follow us and see how to realize it.

Now you can see a table made by other people, and you need to transpose it.A Sample Table for Excel tips

Following those steps and you can get a new one.

  1. Select the area that you need to operate.
  2. Right-click the zone.
  3. Click “copy”.Copy the Area

The step 2 and step 3 can also be realized by the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+C”.

And then you will find that this area is surrounded by a dashed box.Surrounded by a Dashed Box

  1. Select the upper-left cell of the area which you want to paste over the data.

If you skip this step, a new window will pop up and remind you that the information can’t be pasted.The Information Cannot Be Pasted

  1. Click the arrow under the “Paste” button.

In this step you will see a small pop-up box with a list of options.Click Paste

  1. Click the button of “Transpose”.

When you move the mouse to this button, you will also see the word “Transpose”.Click Transpose

After all those steps, you will see a new table like this:The Table Which is Transposed

And then you can perform the next job. You may also find that the default width of the cell cannot display the entire content. And you can also make some appropriate adjustments to make it clear.A Better Format

You may also find that there are some other options for paste. All this functions have special features. And we will introduce those Excel tips in our other articles. Sometimes, you will also meet with the difficulties of data loss or Excel file corruption. Those data disasters will delay the process of your work. We recommend that you can first back up your Excel files in case some accidents happen. Once you suffer from such data disaster, you can also use a third-party tool to recover Excel. All the lost data can be easily recovered.

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