How to Translate Foreign Texts with Built-in Translator in Word

In today’s article, we will focus on showing the way to translate foreign texts with built-in translator in Word.

Every now and then, some of you are likely to encounter with content in foreign language which you have no idea of its meaning. Under such circumstances, you will have to look up these words or text through various dictionaries. However, even if you are using electronic dictionaries online, this work can cost you much time and kill your patience through frequently switching from webpages to Word document.

Therefore, we here provide you the instructions of utilizing Word Translator, a newly added feature in Word 2010 version.

Set Translation Language

When there is the content in foreign language, you should make sure what the language is so that you can choose the translation language in Word. Following are detailed steps of setting translation language:

  1. Click “Review”.
  2. Then click “Translate” in “Language” group.
  3. Now click” Choose Translation Language”. Click "Review" ->Click "Translate" ->Click "Choose Translation Language"
  4. Then in “Translation Language Options” window, choose your targeted language from list box of “Choose Mini Translator Language”.
  5. Next choose your source language and the targeted one from list boxes below “Choose document translation languages”.
  6. Now, click “OK”.Select a Preferred Language ->Click "OK"

Translate a Single Word

Since you finished setting translation language, you now can use the translation feature to translate your content. First, let’s see how to translate a single word.

  1. Click “Translate”.
  2. Then choose “Mini Translator” option.
  3. Point to a word you want to translate. And you shall see a fainting dialog box.Put Cursor on a Word and a Fainting Dialog Box Shows
  4. Move your cursor on the box so you can view the translation clearly.Move Cursor on the Dialog Box to View it Clearly
  5. As you may notice, there are five buttons on the left-down side. Click “Expand”. Now the “Research task Pane” will show the full translation on the right-side of the document.
  6. The second button is “Copy”. It means you can copy the translation to save it or continue other operations.
  7. The third one is “Play”. By clicking it, you can hear the pronunciation. However, you must download a text-to-speak engine in right language first. For more information, you can visit Using the Speak feature with Multilingual TTS.

Translate a Sentence

Actually, just select the sentence. And you shall see the translation, such as below:Select a Sentence then the Translation Shall Show

Of course, there is another way.

  1. Selected the sentence first.
  2. Then go back to “Language” group. Click “Translate”.
  3. Choose “Translate Selected Text”. Then you can view the translation in the “Research Pane”.

Translate a Whole Document

  1. Again go back to “Language” group. Click “Translate”.
  2. Then choose “Translate Document”.
  3. Next, a warning message will show on the screen. Click “Send”.Click "Send" on the Window with Warning Message
  4. Now a webpage opens. On the upper right, there are four types of views: Side by side, Top/Bottom, Original with hover translation, and Translation with hover original.A Webpage Containing the Translation

Handle the Word Document Corruption

Today’s article introduces the way to use the translation feature in Word. This feature relies on online service a lot, not to mention the webpage you need to visit if you want to translate the whole document. All these operations can affect your file security more or less, resulting in document corruption even.

Then you need to know how to hand it. To repair word, you can use the built-in function in Word itself. Also, you can try some powerful third-party recovery tools.

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