Transferring PST Data from One Computer to Another

Since PST files are used to store important email data as well as information such as contacts, appointments, tasks, etc, it is obviously very useful to know how this data can be shared between computers. Since it is not possible to directly share PST files between computers, our article describes ways in which one can transfer PST data from one computer to another.

If you have an email account on Microsoft Exchange Server, the best way to share the data from the mailbox is to use an OST file. You can very easily share and synchronize the data between two computers using OST files since Outlook allows for automatic synchronization between the data stored locally on the computer and the data stored in the mailbox on the server. On the other hand, PST files offer more flexibility when it comes to storage of data and working with email messages and so on. You will therefore have to find a way that will allow you to transfer the PST data from one computer to another without affecting the integrity of the data and conduct Outlook recovery from the PST data.

It is true that you cannot directly share the data stored in PST files nor can you automatically synchronize the data stored in PST files located in two different computers. However, you could follow the steps below to copy the PST files from one computer to another.

  • The Export feature in Outlook could be used to copy the data from Outlook into a PST file.
  • This PST file could then be copied onto a CD, DVD or some other external media and the file transferred from one computer to another.
  • The Import feature in Outlook could then be used to copy back the data from the PST file into Outlook so that the same data is now being used by Outlook on the two computers.

This data could of course also be used in Outlook recovery.

You have to bear a few points in mind while transferring PST files using the above method:

  • When you are copying the PST files from the external media onto another computer, it is important to make sure that the Read-Only attribute is not set for the PST file. This will prevent you from using the PST file on the other computer. To ensure that this attribute is not set, you should go to the Properties option and verify that the Read-Only check box is not selected.
  • The main PST file can at times become so large that it may not fit on a single CD or DVD. In such a case, it is best that you use a utility like Windows Backup to write the file across multiple disks without affecting the integrity of the data. These disks will also serve as backup disks in case of any damage or corruption to the main PST file and help in Outlook recovery.
  • You could also use a secondary PST file solely for the purpose of transferring data from one computer to another or for backup purposes.
  • Software or hardware factors that can affect hard disks can also affect external media and could end up damaging the backup copies of the PST files. Keeping a copy of a powerful recovery solution such as DataNumen Outlook Repair from DataNumen can help in easily restoring data from a PST file, even from damaged zip disks or CDs.

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