Tracking important emails that may have landed in your Junk folder

In this article we will help you to locate important emails which may have inadvertently landed into your Junk mail folder.

Tracking important emails that may have landed in your Junk folder

We are pretty sure that at least once or even many times, you might have across a problem when Outlook throws an important email message into the junk folder. Usually, this problem is faced by those who upgrade their older Outlook version with a newer one. Whatever the reason being, it is important to know how to track important email messages that may have landed in your MS Outlook’s Junk Folder and we will be throwing some light on this aspect in this article, so read on!

What we are basically trying to explain here is going to help you in preventing your important work related email messages from going into the junk folder by mistake. The best trick to deal with this problem is by using a color code that too automatically in emails that carry a specific word or a set of words in them. For instance, if you have done the settings in Outlook to highlight automatically in Red Bold Color in emails that carry a word like “event” in it, then any email message with the word “event” will not be thrown even by mistake in the Junk Folder.

Now, let us elaborately explain step by step the exact procedure to track important emails that might get dumped in the junk folder. First of all, you will need to open the Junk Emails Folder. Then, just choose the View Option and select the Current view. After this, choose the Customize Current View Option in order to see the Customize View Screen. In case, you are working on the 2010 version of MS Outlook, then you will need to click on View-View Settings available on the main ribbon. Your next step would be to click on the Automatic Formatting/Conditional Formatting Option. Once this much is done, just select the Add Button and Mention the Name like “Outlook Emails Color Code”. Further, you will need to select the Font Button and choose the codes in which you wish to highlight your emails followed by clicking on OK in order to go back to the previous screen. Lastly, all you need is to select the Condition Button to see the Filter Screen and Mention Your Criteria followed by clicking on Ok.

We assume you have got a hold on what exactly to do to add an automatic color code to your important emails, so that they don’t end up getting dumped up in the junk folder. Remember, it all depends on the color code and the word that you set as a criteria to automatically highlight the work related important emails in Outlook so as to prevent them from getting junked. So, make sure to choose the right criteria and enjoy sending and receiving email messages in MS Outlook without worrying for any loss of an important email.

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