How to Track Revisions of Your Word Documents via Compare & Combine Feature – Part 2

In last part, we have talked about how to compare between the original file and revised one. And in this part, we will mainly look at the combine feature, which can track the modifications of multiple documents.

Combine Multiple Document Copies

If you have multiple document copies that contain tracked changes, and you want to keep track of all the changes and merge these revised documents into one, you can take advantage of the combine feature in Word. It allows you to incorporate all the tracked changes from each of the document, two at a time, until all modifications from all document copies have been merged in one document. To use the combine feature, use the following steps:

  1. Go to “Review” tab, click on “Compare” drop down list.
  2. And then select “Combine” in the list.Select “Combine”
  3. On the Left hand of the following dialog box, select the original file in the “Original document” drop down list, or you can also select a revised file. And select another revised file in the “Revised document” drop down list. Finally, click “OK”.Select another revised file
  1. Word then displays the “Combine Result” window. And the combined document is placed in the middle of the page. Also, we can see the original Document (DWORD-1) and the Revised Document (DWORD-3) on the right hand of the window.Displays the “Combine Result” window
  1. To combine additional documents, you can combine the above “Combined Result” with another revised document. Go to “Review” tab and select “Combine” again. In the following dialog, select the Combine Result (Combine Result 1) under “Original document”, and select another revised file (DWORD-1) in the “Revised document” drop down list. Finally, click “OK”.Combine additional documents
  1. Word then displays another Combine Result (Combine Result 4). And in this way, you will be able to keep track of the changes made by multiple people.Display another Combine Result

Resort to a Formidable Word Repair Tool

As we can see, Word provides the compare and combine feature to track revisions of our documents. Besides, Word offers a huge array of options to meet our various needs. However, human error or natural disasters may all result in the corruption of Word files. One option is to take the aid of the internal repair tool in word. In case such attempts to repair the Word file fails, you should then try to fix Word via a specialized word recovery tool. This utility comes with an intuitive interface, and also boasts of a host of features that can possibly help carrying out a successful Word repair.

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