How to Track Revisions of Your Word Documents via Compare & Combine Feature – Part 1

You can use the compare and combine features in Word to keep track of the revisions made by others. In this part, we will mainly talk about how to compare the original file and revised one.

As you may know, many of the finished documents combine the efforts of a group of people, who work on different copies of the same file to create a polished product. For example, a single document you wrote may at the same time be modified by other editors or reviewers. Therefore, in order to keep track of the revisions, you can take use of the compare and combine feature in Word. And such team collaboration can be significantly simplified by using the Revision-tracking tools available Word. In this article, we will then talk about how to use the compare feature.

Compare the Original File with Revised File

Revision-tracking tools make reviews of your documents possible. You can compare between them to see exactly what has been changed from the original copy of your document. Then you can choose to confirm or reject the changes. The following steps will tell you how to do so.

  1. Switch to “Review” page, click “Compare” drop down list and then select “Compare”.Select “Compare”
  2. On the Left hand the dialog box, select the original file in the “Original document” drop down list, and select the revised file in the “Revised document” drop down list. Finally, click “OK”.Select the revised file in the “Revised document”
  3. Word automatically generates the “Compare Result” window. And the compared document is positioned in the middle of the page. On the Left hand the window, you will see summary of revisions.Generate the “Compare Result” window
  4. Right click at the revisions on the left hand, by clicking “Accept Deletion” or “Reject Deletion”, you can select whether to accept or to reject the revision.See summary of revisions
  5. Also, you can select whether to accept or reject the revision on the toolbar. And if you want to accept all the revisions, you can click “Accept” under “Review” tab, and then select “Accept All changes in Document”.Select “Accept All changes in Document”

Take aid of External Word Repair tools

Although the compare feature is powerful and can be of much use, it is inevitable that our Word can corrupt from time to time. Considering it, we therefore recommend you a powerful external word repair tool. This tool is capable of scanning the corrupted Word file, and recover maximum data possible in short time.

In this part, we have mainly introduced the compare feature in word. To further know about the combine feature, please refer to Part II.

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