How to Track Changes of Your Workbook in Excel

Excel has many useful features for users. Here we will discuss about the feature track changes in Excel.

If your Excel has been modified by other people, you will certainly want to know which cell has changed. And you need to evaluate whether the change is acceptable or not. Thus, you can use the track changes feature in Excel to help you achieve this function.

Track Changes

  1. Click “File” in the ribbon.
  2. And then click “Options”.Options
  3. In the “Excel Options” window, click “Trust Center”.
  4. And then click “Trust Center Settings” on the left.Trust Center Settings
  5. Then in the “Trust Center” window, uncheck the option “Remove personal information from file properties on save” under the “Privacy Options”.Uncheck Options
  6. Next click “OK”.
  7. Continue click “OK” in the “Excel Options” window.
  8. And then click tab “Review” in the ribbon.
  9. Next click the button “Track Changes”.Highlight Changes
  10. In the menu, choose “Highlight Changes”.
  11. And then you will see the window of “Highlight Changes”. Here check the option “Track changes while editing”. And in the part of “Highlight which changes” part, you can set other conditions according to your need.Set Conditions
  12. Last click “OK”.
  13. And in the warning dialog, click “OK”. Thus, the setting and the workbook will all be saved. What’s more, the file will be in the shared form.Click OK

Accept/Reject Changes

Now you open the file that has been modified by other people. And you can choose to accept or reject the changes.

  1. Click the tab “Review” in the ribbon.
  2. And then click “Track Changes” button.
  3. Next click “Accept/Reject Changes” in the menu.Accept/Reject Changes
  4. In the new window, set the different conditions in the part of “Which changes”. You can choose according to your need.Which Changes
  5. And then click “OK”.
  6. Next you will see the changes in this window.

Here the target area will be highlighted. And you can choose to accept or reject the change by clicking the button in this window.Accept or Reject

Now if you have checked all the changes and want to cancel the shared mode, you need to delete the information in the “Highlight Changes” window. And next check the option in the “Trust Center” that you have unchecked in step 5 of the first part of this article.

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