Top Questions about Outlook File Corruption and Recovery

Outlook, managing our emails, contacts, calendar, and distribution lists is an important tool in the lives of many individuals and companies. Unfortunately, like any other software, it is vulnerable to file corruption and data at computers


Why do Outlook files become corrupt?


There are a number of causes of PST file corruption that include:


  • • Viruses or Malware. This vicious security threat is like a heat seeking missile looking to destroy your data. Even with virus protection, computers and the software on them are vulnerable to these attacks (often coming through email).
  • • Oversized PST files. The size limit for Outlook files is 2 GB. If a file surpasses this limit, it will become corrupt.
  • • Power failure. If you are in the process of accessing PST files and lose power, files can be damaged.
  • • Existing issues on your hard drive. If existing issues (that you sometimes will not even be aware of) on your hard drive cross with your PST files, they can become corrupt.
  • • Ending a task in Outlook. If Outlook is working, or trying to work, and you end the task, you risk damaging your data.
  • • Sometimes it just happens. Unfortunately, sometimes there can simply be a problem with the program or cause of data corruption and file loss.


How do you know if your file may be corrupt, needing Outlook recovery? Common indicators are:


  • • Notification that a file cannot be found or cannot be accessed.
  • • Notification that a file is not a personal folder file.
  • • Outlook notifies you that it has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  • • Errors have been found in a PST file.


How can you recover Outlook?


You can try Outlook’s Inbox Repair Tool but many people report that it often doesn’t work, and there are many cases in which it simply cannot work, it’s not very advanced. Datanumen offers advanced software for repairing Outlook and recovering Outlook data. Guaranteed to recover more data than any other software, it is the best Outlook recovery tool in the world. One of millions of satisfied customers says:

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