Tips to Use Features in Outlook to Manage Events

For most businesses conducting events is news-and-events-pic1an integral part of their marketing cycle. Even small businesses need to conduct events or participate in them. However managing events is easier said than done and in case you do not have enough manpower on board, the task can become onerous. However with Ms Outlook application you can simplify many activities related to managing an event with ease. Let’s look at how Outlook can be used in organizing events.


Create a Distribution List of Invitees or Participants in Outlook

At the very outset, Outlook can be used to create a distribution list of all participants. Using the list you can share regular information with your participants in one go. Moreover with the help of the list, invitations can be sent and responses tracked.


Design Templates to Target Specific Set of Prospects

With the Outlook application, you can create different templates targeted at different set of customers. For example you can have an email template targeting large corporate buyers while another one targeting small business can also be created.


Create your Business Card and distribute them Amongst Participants

In any event you are likely to come across a large list of participants. Now if you wish to share your business information with them in an effectual manner, creating an electronic business card in Outlook is a great idea. Just create a new contact and save all your details in it. Then forward it to a list of prospects as a business card. The recipient can simply click on the card to include your data in his list of contacts.


Use Outlook Calendars to Schedule Meetings

If you are managing a multi day event or participating in one, it is always advisable to create a shared Outlook calendar. Once you have created a shared calendar, your contacts can book time slots with you based on your availability. Incidentally if you are planning to conduct a number of sessions in an event, in Outlook you can create a calendar for the same and publish it online.


Ignoring PST Errors in Ms Outlook can Lead to Data Loss

A significant number of Outlook users tend to ignore error messages thrown out by the application from time to time. Given the fact that most errors messages that you receive while using the Outlook email client do not pose any grave danger to the encompassed data; users often become habitual in ignoring them. However with PST errors, the risk data loss is very high and thus it is advisable to keep a versatile pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair handy. This remarkable application is designed to work with most media types and even if your PST files are lying on a virtual machine drive, it can recover the same. Moreover the tool has proven track record of recovering the maximum possible data in quick time and boasts of the capacity to deal with files exceeding the 2GB mark.


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