Tips to Resolve a Socket Read Error in Ms Outlook

The Ms Outlook client isth closely associated with the Windows operating system for several of its network related functions. While this dependency is quite normal for any email client, the Ms Outlook application can often throw out inane errors in case it experiences any network issues. Socket read errors come in this category and in case you encounter them then you need to follow the tips mentioned below to resolve the issue.


Avoid Reinstalling the Outlook Application

While reinstalling the Outlook application may help you resolve certain error messages, the action is simply worthless in case you are dealing with a socket read error. Such an error message is typically accompanied by an assertion which mentions “Unable to Send the Winsock Request”. Such a statement is a pointer to the fact that the issue lies deeper in the OS and not the Outlook email client. Similarly deleting your existing profiles in Outlook would also not help and should not be attempted in case of socket errors.


Reinstall TCP/IP Stack in Windows

The solution to most socket errors can be achieved by reinstalling the TCP/IP stack in the Windows operating system. To do so you need to perform the steps mentioned below

  1. Click on Start Button in Windows
  2. Next click on Control Panel and in the subsequent Window. Click on Network tab
  3. Now you need to go to the View Network Status tab and then you under the tabs that typically appear in the left pane hit on Change Adapter Settings
  4. Next you need to just right click on your active Network Connection and then move down to Properties.
  5. Now in the window that shows up move to the Networking tab
  6. Here select the option which mention Internet Protocol Version 4 and then click on Install
  7. In the next screen which asks for the network feature you wish to install choose “Protocol”
  8. Now you will find the next screen which mentions you to select the Network Protocol. Once selected you need to click on Have Disk to complete the process.

Note: The Windows Installation CD is typically needed to complete the process.


Consider a Recovery Plan for Outlook if you are receiving frequent error messages.

In case you have been of late receiving frequent error messages in Ms Outlook you should actively consider a recovery plan for your email data. Error messages and Outlook crashes are direct pointers to more serious issues such as data corruption that can occur at any point of time. To avoid losing your data you should invest in a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair that can deal with the most acute incidents of data corruption. It has the technical expertise to recover your emails from nearly any media type and it can even locate PST files that may not crop up in their regular folders.


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