Tips to Keep an Email marked as Unread even after you have viewed it

It is possible in Outlook to make an email appear as Unread even after you have viewed it

Tips to Keep an Email marked as Unread even after you have viewed it

It has been observed as a common practice among a majority of Outlook users to keep important email messages as Unread, so as to remind themselves to take an action on them. However, the problem arises when you accidentally click all email messages as Unread and an important email is left out of notice to take further action from your side. So, keeping this problem in mind, we tend to give you some tips to keep an email marked as Unread even after you have read it once.

Basically, if you use MS Outlook very often, you might have noticed that all the unread email messages come with bold titles but once you click on it by mistake it is indicated as read. The good news is that the choice to keep your email messages as read or unread lies totally in your hands. Just a few steps and you can actually set time to mark emails as unread.

Now, that we have already shared why actually people want to keep even read email as Unread, it is time to explain what are the steps involved in doing it. This whole concept basically works on setting a time period that you might need to read an email before it gets marked as read, for instance, you can set the minimum time as 10 seconds.

For users using 2013 or 2010 version of MS Outlook, the first step is to go to File Tab and choose Options under it. After this just select the Mail Option appearing on the left hand side. Once this is done, you will see a Reading Pane so just click on it and open the Reading Pane Dialog Box. Next step would be to tick mark the checkbox mentioning Mark Items As Read While Viewing in the Reading Pane. After this, just mention your desired time period in the box marked with Wait for XXX Seconds Before Marking Item As Read and finally click on Ok.

In case, you are still working with the older versions of Outlook 2003 or 2007, then there will be some changed in the steps involved. You will then first need to click on Tools Tab and select the Options and go to the Other Tab. After this, select the Reading Pane and once the Reading Pane Dialog Box opens, just tick mark the checkbox with Mark Items As Read While Viewing In Reading Pane. Once this much is done, just enter your desired time in the box with Wait for XXX Seconds Before Marking It As Read. Finally click on Ok.

So, now we assume that next time you will never even by mistake mark an important email as read. In other words, using the above mentioned tips, you will feel in a better condition to keep all your important email messages as unread as an indication for a future action.

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