Tips to deal with slow extraction of zip files

At times you may have noticed that your zip utility is taking endless minutes to unzip a simple zip file which you had just downloaded from the internet.  If you are wondering what is causing that simple zip file you downloaded to get stuck up in the extraction process then your answer lies with the ubiquitous Windows Attachment Manager service. Let us look at the scenario in detail.

Every file that you download from the internet is reviewed by the Windows Attachment Manager for potential risks associated with the file type. The service essentially is designed to protect your computer from malicious programs that may come through the files you download. In case it determines that the file you have downloaded is not safe, it would attempt to prevent you from opening the said file or allow it to be opened with proper warning. The way it checks the file also depends on the file type you are trying to download and the web content zone from where the file is being downloaded. For example if you had specified a trusted website in the Internet Explorer Settings tab, the Attachment manager will easily pass the files downloaded from the given site.


While Zip files are typically not treated as a security risk, the format can be used to encompass other files including executable files.  When you attempt to unzip a downloaded zip file containing a risky data stream, your zip utility passes the same information on to the Windows Attachment Manager service for verification. Given the malicious potential, the Windows Attachment Manager makes it point to thoroughly check the zip files that you download and can flag a specified file if it discovers a potential hazardous file type.

Now in case you wish to avoid slow extraction of downloaded zip files, the best technique involves removing the zone information from the property of the specified zip file. Just right click on zip file you want to extract and go to properties. When the properties screen opens up, just click on the Unblock option and you should be able to quickly extract the downloaded zip file.

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