Tips to Create Effectual Marketing Emails in Outlook and Avoid Spam Filters

In an increasingly competitive business arena, emailingit is a huge challenge to reach out to possible prospects in a cost effective manner. Given the scenario email marketing still remains one of the most favored mediums of outreach. While a lot of people use email marketing software, in case you are dealing in a B2B market, using Outlook for email outreach is a rather potent idea. As opposed to mass marketing emails, a business customer is most likely to be tapped with a customized email directed at his or her business requirement and Outlook has the flexibility to enable the same. In this article we will give you interesting tips to create effective marketing emails which do not land in the junk email box.


Create Customized Templates for Specific Set of Prospects

To start with you should consider creating customized templates for specific prospects and thus tailor your message to meet their needs. For example if you are a web development firm looking to tap retail outlets, you can have an email template specific for jewelers while there can be one separate template for restaurant owners. Specific templates have a more relevant appeal; for example your email template for Jewelers can include examples of jewelry sites that you may have created in the past.


Write Individual Emails and Include Business Name in the Email Body or Subject

As a rule, wherever possible send out emails to individual prospects. Address them with their names and include their company name in the email body or subject line. Not only is it likely to pass through spam filters, such an email has a higher probability of being read.


To Do Not Include Words in Subject Line that Triggers Spam Filters

When you are sending out a marketing email, if you use words like discount or offer in the subject line of the email, spam filters are likely to kick in. So as a matter of rule always avoid words that sound promotional in the email subject line.


Do Not Send out Numerous emails in a Short Time

Even if your list of prospects is large, do not consider sending out a whole set emails in one go. You can schedule the delivery of emails by breaking them into lots and can even consider using a third party Outlook email marketing plug-in for the same.


An Outlook Crash can Compromise your Email Templates

Most marketers who use Outlook tend to keep several email templates stored within the application. However if the Outlook application crashes due to a PST error, the stored templates may be at risk. In such a scenario only a proficient pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair can come to your rescue. It is capable of recovering nearly every data element stored within the Outlook PST files including template emails and contacts. Moreover it is not intimidated by the size of the PST files and can even deal with extensively damaged files with aplomb.


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