Is Thunderbird from Mozilla Still a Good Option as Compared to MS Outlook

With the latest iterations of Ms Outlook dominating the desktop email client market, the Mozilla Thunderbird is increasingly becoming less of a competition.

Thunderbird Compared to MS Outlook

If you are one of those people who need to send and receive emails on a daily basis, then at least once, it might have come to your mind that which is the best email client between MS Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird? Well, this is a tricky query for a number of people but it can be solved by a user who had tried a hand on both the email clients to know their pros and cons; however, if you are aware of the fact that the Mozilla Foundation stopped its active development of Thunderbird email client way back in the year 2012, then you might doubt on its superiority over MS Outlook. Let us examine in this article, that whether Thunderbird from Mozilla a good option as compared to MS Outlook or it is just a misconception among users around the world.

Microsoft Outlook as we all know is an email management application that does much more than just enabling you to send and receive emails. This stand alone application is one of its kind that helps you organize your daily official or personal work requirements through its amazing features like the Calendar, Tasks, Note, Reminders, Contact Manager and yes of course, the Mailbox. On the other hand, Thunderbird from Mozilla is basically an email management application that works best on systems that are free from problems generated by operating systems.

With its new Microsoft Word Read Mode and Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Mode, MS Outlook has somehow starting gaining more popularity as compared to Mozilla Thunderbird that lack such amazing productive features. Apart from these, Outlook boasts of an improved touch and linking of its entire programs and you can even insert videos and audios or documents from different online sources to broadcast them on the web. On the other hand, although, Thunderbird enables the user to chat and get feeds, it somehow lacks in offering picture support along with content from various search engines.

MS Outlook also supports Skype, Yammer and Hotmail for instant virtual world communication. On the other hand, Thunderbird does support popular chat clients like G-Talk and Facebook. Outlook also outshines Thunderbird with its capability to enable the user to return to the last edited or viewed location anywhere in MS PowerPoint or Word, which is missing in Thunderbird.

You might be surprised to note that the Mozilla Foundation CEO, himself once quoted that she is not happy using the poorly maintained and creaky Thunderbird email client, she also insisted on the need to improve its features to maintain its popularity among users; however, failure to do so made the foundation stop the development of the stand along email client Thunderbird way back in 2012. This in itself reveals which email client is better between MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. For any doubts, you can try a hand at both to notice the differences yourself.

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