The Ubiquitous Notes Feature in Ms Outlook packs in quite a punch

In this article we explore the Notes feature in Ms Outlook in detail and understand how you can effectively use it.

The Ubiquitous Notes Feature in Ms Outlook packs in quite a punch

The Ms Outlook application is much more than a simple email client. In fact it comes loaded with a plethora of advanced features such as the Business Contact Manager, People Hub, Calendar, Journals to name a few. Since it is overflowing with features, some of us tend to ignore the ubiquitous Notes feature. Initially conceived as a place to put down, small pieces of information, notes can be creatively used to achieve a lot more in Ms Outlook. Let’s look at some of these ideas.

Add Categories to Notes to quickly classify information

In Outlook, you can quickly add categories to a note you have previously created. To do so, just right click on the note and head to the Categories option. Now choose the category from the category choices presented before you and click on OK. Once categories are added to notes, you can quickly classify information around a subject or project. Some users prefer to summarize the covering information of projects in Outlook notes that are marked with the appropriate category.

Change the Color of Notes for Quick Reference

Outlook allows you to change the color of the Notes you create. Now this gives you the choice to color them as per your requirements. The notes that need your urgent information can be colored in the red shade while those which have been acted upon marked as green.

Add Notes to Contacts to encompass additional information

In Outlook, you can add a lot of information in the Contacts feature. However at times it may not be enough and you may need to use a note to store additional information, say details of a call with client. Now to attach the specific note with the respective contact, all you need to do is open the note and click on the small icon on the top left corner. From the drop down list choose Contacts and in subsequent popup choose the Contact to which you wish to add the note. Once done click on the close button.

Do Not Let a PST related Outlook Crash mess up your Notes

If you have a habit of jotting down points in Ms Outlook Notes, over a period of time you would have a rich collection of important information. However a PST related crash can jeopardize the Notes you have saved in Ms Outlook apart from your emails. In such a scenario you need to use a powerful pst recovery tool like sophisticated DataNumen Outlook Repair application to bring back the missing notes. It is equipped to handle most widespread incidents of PST corruption without much ado. Further irrespective of the media format, the application can bring back the compromised data in a quick span of time. Last but not the least, operating this application is a piece of cake and even novice Outlook users can recover data with this user friendly tool.

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