The To-Do Bar in Outlook 2016 gets spruced up

If you have too many things to do and track, you will simply love the new to-do bar in Outlook 2016

The To-Do Bar in Outlook 2016 gets spruced up

Making task lists on a regular basis is a common practice amongst several busy professionals. Following this habit is easy while working on MS Outlook too. Yes, you got us right; we are indeed talking about the To Do Bar Feature in MS Outlook. This is not a new feature that you will get to see in the 2016 Outlook version but yes, it does comes in somewhat improved way than the 2013 version. Much of the improvements were already made in the To Do Bar in the 2013 version and whatsoever was left has been made bug free in the latest 2016 version. We have already discussed how to use the To Do Bar in MS Outlook 2013 and here we will state that it will work in a similar way in MS Outlook 2016 too with just some minor changes that will be easy to notice when you will actually work on it.

Earlier, the To Do Bar used to display only the current day appointments and events to the user, which was somewhat limited to an extent. So, the experts felt the need to go beyond that, more so because there was space left even after showing the appointments, so something else too can be displayed in the To Do Bar. Finally, came the much awaited change in the form of a full week’s or a 7 upcoming days appointments and events. However, this could happen only if there is enough space to display the information of the 7 upcoming days.

Moreover, another remarkable change that came up in 2016 Outlook version is that it allows you to see the appointments from a particular chosen day onwards in the To Do Bar. This warm change is expected to be welcomed by all the users worldwide, who have a big habit of using the To Do Bar in MS Outlook. In fact, if anyone has upgraded from Outlook 2010 to the 2013 or 2016 version, then he or she will at first be spellbound to see this big change in the functionality of the To Do Bar Feature.

The best thing about the To Do Bar in MS Outlook 2016 is that you can customize it as per your wish. As per your preference, you can make this bar occupy a smaller or a larger portion of your computer screen. This, however, depends on how much information you wish to appear on the screen because naturally, less information will be best displayed in less space and vice versa. In order to minimize the To Do Bar, simply go to the View Tab and selecting the Layout Group. After this click on the To Do Bar and pick the Minimized Option. Whenever, need be you can also restore the normal size of this bar by turning off the Minimized Option and switching to the Normal Option. Try to use the To Do Bar once, and we bet you will get addicted to it while working on MS Outlook.

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