The PowerPivot Add In Feature expands the ease with which SQL Data can be analyzed

The Ms Excel PowerPivotapplication is without doubt the most popular spreadsheet application on the planet and has millions of avid users. Excel is typically used for analyzing data and those who are familiar with the application simply love its easy filtering and sorting features. Now if you have always wanted to read the SQL Server data in an Excel spreadsheet, it is now possible without much hassle with the PowerPivot feature. On the technology front the PowerPivot relies on SQL Server Analysis Services to process countless rows of data within seconds. Further you get the chance to utilize the power of multiple core based processors. Yet when you are accessing the data from Excel you get the familiarity of the known interface.


Linking Up to a SQL Server from Excel through PowerPivot

To start with you need to download and install the PowerPivot feature in Excel. Once it has got added, a specific ribbon appears on the screen for this feature. Next using the Table Import Wizard you need to link up with the SQL database. For this you would have to specify the server path and the type of authentication that you would use to log-in. Next you to consider the procedure that you would use to import the data. Now this is basically a toss up between choose a set of tables or views or writing your own query to obtain the necessary records. Now when you are importing the data, you can choose to place restrictions on certain columns that may exceed Excel limits. Again you can filter data by enforcing a row filter and weeding out text strings that you wish to avoid. The PowerPivot feature is very flexible and you can tailor the data as per your needs and apply other preferences. The overall levels of visualization possible with this tool make it a preferred choice for many data analysts. Further one of the salient points of this feature is the capacity to actually publish a workbook in form of an interactive web hosted application. Moreover it capable of undertaking a whole array of advanced calculations.


Errors Still Exist in recent iterations of the SQL Server database product

While not many people would challenge the fact that recent iterations of SQL Server database application are more robust than its predecessors, they are hardly free from errors. At times these errors are precursor to major problems that can involve a data loss scenario. Hence to eliminate even a minimum chance of data loss, you should always have a  sql recovery tool like the DataNumen SQL Recovery nearby. It comes handy when you have to recover a database quickly. Equipped with the capacity to handle several SQL files at once through its batch processing mode, the tool is extremely easy to use and gives perfect results for most scenarios.


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