The Ms Outlook Application May Freeze Up while Attaching Files to an Email

Nearly every hother popular application in the personal computing world is known to contain flaws and the Ms Outlook program is hardly an exception. Since the application is widely used, every aspect of the application gets critically examined by its users and flaws get a great deal of attention. The issue of the Outlook email client hanging while attaching a file is one such scenario. Normally you can easily attach files to an email message in Outlook without any hassles. In fact you can add multiple files into a message and the application even allows you to drag and drop files that you wish to attach into the email body. However in some rare cases when you try to attach a file by selecting it from the browse option, the application gets into a freeze mode. Let’s explore the possible scenarios for such an occurrence.


Attempting to Attach a file from a Removable Media or Network Drive

In most cases the issue occurs when you attempt to attach a file from a removable media like pen drive or a network drive. If the destination drive has been dismounted or a change has been made on the folder since the last access, the Outlook may not find the selected file and would hang up. To resolve the freezing issue, just disconnect the said drive or network link and then restart the computer and then launch the Outlook application


The File May Contain an Error

In rare cases the file that you are trying to attach may contain an error and the Outlook application may experience issue in resolving its format. Try making another copy of the said file and then attempt to insert it into the email body.


Certain File attachments are not allowed in Outlook

The Outlook email client does not allow you to attach certain file formats such as .exe etc. So if you are trying to attach such a file, an error message is likely to be thrown up. In rare cases instead of generating an error message, the application may freeze up for a short period of time.


Keeping a Data Recovery Plan in Place for Ms Outlook

Even the most ardent fans of the Outlook email application would admit to the susceptibility of the email client to PST errors. In case of a dreaded Outlook crash, your options for getting back your data through normal means is very limited. Hence you should formulate a data recovery plan in advance and use a powerful pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair as its cornerstone. This versatile tool has the potency to dig out data from nearly any place; from virtual machine drives to Nero image files with equal ease. Moreover the tool is capable of repairing a compromised file even if it has been encrypted. A great part about the tool is its capacity to modify the output of the recovery process and even split the recovered PST file if the situation demands.


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