The Causes of Computer Shutdowns and How to Protect Your Data

Unexpected computer shutdowns can be a nightmare, especially if what you were working on was important. Not only has your work been interrupted, but any unsaved work could be lost or files could be corrupted. Instead of just failing to save any added work, a file can become totally damaged if the computer shuts off as it is being edited, meaning you might have to start from scratch. So, why do some computers shut down unexpectedly, and how can you prevent file loss?

Hardware problems

If a piece of hardware fails, this could cause your computer to shut off suddenly. The first source to look at would be anything recently added to your setup if you haven’t experienced unexpected shutoffs before. You will want to check your device manager for any problems before attempting to remove anything, as the fix may not require any removal. The next step would be to check out how your computer operates after disconnecting certain items that aren’t necessary for the computer to function.


A common reason for surprise shutoffs is that your computer has overheated. For safety issues and to protect the device from damage, some computers may shut off automatically after the heat gets too intense. To stop overheating, make sure all your fans are working properly, and that the computer is not overheating because of too much dust or debris inside that can block these fans.

Power supply

This one is simple—if you let the power get too low, your computer will shut off. Any unsaved or otherwise open work could be lost or corrupted despite settings that some computers may have that might save your work until you can get things powered back up.

Operating system issue

If you are sure the above issues are not the problem, then the issue could be with your operating system. The problem is that this can be difficult to diagnose. Your best bet is to enter a diagnostic setup while rebooting, which can differ depending on the type of device.

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