Technical Aspects where the SQL Server Scores over My SQL in a .Net environment

Open source enthusiasts MySQL-and-SQL-Serverand countless database professionals today use the My SQL database successfully in running websites and applications. Not only is the database available for free, it does pack in quite a punch for most typical applications to run without a hassle. However the MS SQL Server has several key advantages over this cult open source database, especially if you are planning to run an application on a .Net environment.


Key Technical Aspects where MS SQL Server edges past My SQL

At the very outset you should understand that if you are looking to build an application in Visual Studio, which works on the .Net platform, you should ideally opt for the MS SQL Server application. These three from the part of a technology stack that gels rather well and in contrast My SQL is difficult to integrate with .Net. Next you should also consider the fact that SQL Server comes loaded with a host of stored procedures that are potent and the T-SQL can be used to perform a variety of tasks with ease. Incidentally LINQ can work with MS SQL Server without a hassle.

Moving ahead the way locking is implemented in SQL Server is far better than what can be achieved in My SQL. Instead of locking out entire tables, the MS SQL Server can achieve row based locking. Another key area where the SQL Server beats the My SQL database hands down is scalability. If you are using a latest iteration of SQL Server you can scale up in virtually no time, expand using cloud integration services and enforce robust business continuity plans. Now if you are looking for a stable solution, you should go with MS SQL Server as it is not as vulnerable as a My SQL database and comes with built it, easy backup options.

From a point of an application developer, the Visual Studio IDE has several functionalities to access SQL Server elements without need to write code from the scratch. Also one does not need to look around community sites for assistance for any query that they may have as assistance is always available in well documented help modules.


Even the best software in the planet can have flaws and MS SQL Server is hardly an exception.

Software by its very nature is susceptible to a variety of errors and there is hardly a single major application in the world which is completely error free. MS SQL Server too has its share of chinks and its susceptibility to crashes makes it rather necessary for business users to invest in a sql recovery tool like the avant-garde DataNumen SQL Recovery application. It is designed to tackle every possible database corruption issues that you encounter and is capable of even bringing data out from Nero Image files. It also can be used to retrieve records from database files compromised by checksum errors in minimum time.


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