Tailor your Outlook Signature to Pursue your Marketing Goals

When you are looking to promote outlook-2013-signature-button-ribbonyour business through every communication channel available with you, customizing the Outlook signature to include your marketing message seems like a logical choice. Most often than not, most marketers are happy to include a link to their website or product in the Outlook signature. However you need to make sure that your signature does not appear as out of place and the content you include in it makes sense for most recipients. So just putting a link may not be enough. Let’s look at some creative ways to modify your Outlook signature to gain more traction.


Include a Catch Slogan

The Outlook signature is often seen as a testament to your personality, or your company’s brand. Now if you include a catchy slogan that best represents your business or explains what you do in a neat manner, it is likely to appeal to your readers. If they like the slogan they are more like to explore your company in detail by click on the web link included in your signature.


Include a Blog Post or an Achievement Link

At times you can consider including a link to your Blog post which you believe highlights a certain positive about your organization. Alternately you can include a link to a media coverage related to any award or recognition that your organization has received.


Consider Updating your Signature with Links to New Product Launches or Offer

In case your company has launched a new product or is rolling out a discount offer or content, it would make great sense to include a link to them in your Outlook signature. Even normal emails including links of offers are known to attract attention.


Ember Links to Social Media Profiles

Your Outlook signature should definitely include a link to your company’s LinkedIn page and can also include links to FaceBook and Twitter Profiles. Interestingly if you are using the Outlook 2013 edition, you can interact with your stakeholders through social networks right out of the Outlook client.


Add an Call to Action if you are midst of a Campaign

In case your company is running a campaign then you can include a Call to Action in your email signature. For example a line like Call to get a free appraisal may sound tempting to people; even through it is just placed in the signature.


Keep an eye Out for PST errors while working with the Outlook application

Most regular Outlook users who have been using the application for few years can recount of an incident where a PST error message was splashed across their screens. While some PST errors may not cause much grief, in some cases they can prove to be fatal for your data. In case you experience a PST corruption issue where your Inbox gets messed up, all your valuable emails can potentially be at risk. To avoid the nightmare scenario of data loss, you should keep a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair handy. This versatile tool can draw out the compromised data in its original structure and the entire process can be completed in quick time.


Author Introduction:

Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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