Synching Outlook with Other Applications – Key Benefits

The Ms Outlook Email thClient has rocketed up the popularity charts over the last two decades and today remains the undisputed leader in its class. A key to its popularity has been its ability to sync up with other applications. While we all know that Ms Outlook works like a dream in the Ms Exchange environment, it neat handshake feature with other applications have not garnered a great deal of attention. In this article we will explore this benefit in detail.


Outlook Can Sync with Your iOS and Android Smartphones

Today every professional seems to carry a Smartphone around with him. Interestingly Outlook can be used with your Smartphone to answer emails and share contacts. BlackBerry has been syncing with Outlook and Exchange server for years and the same is possible for other mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.


Skype for Outlook Plug-in Turns your Favorite Email Client into a VoIP Messenger

After you install the Skype Plug-in, the Outlook Email client can be used to make calls, using the contact list. In fact the handshake between Outlook and Skype is technically very sound with the plug-in being completely hassle free and highly stable.


It is Possible to Edit Excel and Word Documents Right of Outlook

Given the fact that Ms Outlook is a part of the office suite, it comes equipped with capacity to edit Office documents right from inside the email client.


Importing Data into Outlook is Easy

Besides its compatibility with a host of applications, Outlook allows you to import data from other applications with ease. You can import text files, database files or include data from Lotus Organizer without breaking a sweat.


There is an Ms Outlook Plug-in Available for nearly every productivity scenario

The Ms Outlook application has been around for a very long time now. Since it has garnered the predominant position in the email client market, third party software developers have unleashed a whole set of add-in tools that can extend the functionality of Outlook. From Add-ins to launch marketing campaigns to tools to measure time and attendance, there is plug-in for virtually every thing you would wish your email client to achieve.


The Venerable Outlook Application can still crash

Despite its reputation as the best desktop based email client in the world the Ms Outlook application is still far away from being perfect. In fact it remains acutely vulnerable to crashes, some of which are caused by corrupt PST errors that can compromise the encompassed data. Thus most professional Outlook users should remain prepared for such unfortunate incidents and invest in a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. This class leading software has the wherewithal to obtain the email data from the most thoroughly botched up PST files in quick time. Its recovery rate is second to none and the application can deliver even under the most strenuous circumstances. Moreover challenges such as a large file size of the media type where the PST file is located cannot stand in the way of its powerful recovery algorithm.


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