How to Switch Among Hundreds of Columns Swiftly in Excel

In an Excel worksheet, there are many rows and columns. So the cells are enough for you to input statistics. Hence today we will launch the Excel tips to switch columns quickly.

Excel has the ability of accommodating huge amount of statistics. Thus more and more people choose to use it in their work. However, you may find such a problem that once you input a lot of information, it will be inconvenient to check certain data. If there are hundreds of columns, you need to use scroll bar to switch columns. And it turns out to be very inconvenient.

A Sample Worksheet for the Excel Tips

In this worksheet, there are 12 columns in total. But not all of them can be shown in one screen.Sample of Subjects to switch columns

You find that three people failed in math, which surpassed the expectation. And you want to know the exactly scores so that you can adjust the teaching plan. But you have to use the scroll bar to find the Math score column. Therefore, we find a new way to reach certain column quickly.

Steps of Switching Columns

  1. Select the first two rows of the target area. And in this example, you need to select “A1:L2”.
  2. In the toolbar of “Formula”, click the button of “Create from Selection”.Click Create from Selection
  3. In the new pop-up window, choose the option of “Top Row”.
  4. Click “OK”.Choose Top Row
  5. In the “Name Box”, click the arrow on the right. And then a drop-down menu will appear.Click Arrow on the Right

And you can see the names of subjects. There are 12 options, which is the same as the number of column.

  1. Click “Math Scores”. And then you will find that the cursor positions at the column of “Math Scores”.

The above are the steps to switch columns. If in your work Excel, there are hundreds of columns, you can also input the exact name of the column to search your target column. And if there are spaces in the name, you need to replace them with underscores. For instance, “Math Scores” should be “Math_Scores”. It can shorten your work time on the manipulation.

If you want to clear it, click the “Name Manager” in the toolbar of “Formula”. And then in the new window, you can delete options that you don’t need.Delete Name

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