Still thinking about migrating to SQL Server 2016 – here’s what you should know

We look at some of the key reasons which can influence you to upgrade to the powerful SQL Server 2016 edition

Migrating To SQL Server 2016Microsoft has finally released its SQL Server 2016 Edition and yet you are still confused whether to get this upgrade or not? Well, when you will get acquainted with the numerous advanced features of this latest SQL version, you will not be able to resist getting this upgrade for receiving a better performance. Providing enhanced value to all your database solutions and applications, the new SQL 2016 won’t disappoint you with its bundle of features and latest technologies. So, if you are still thinking about whether to migrate to SQL Server 2016 or not, then read on!

The first and the most important benefit you will get to enjoy after switching to this latest SQL version is its advanced hybrid cloud technology. Get to enjoy mission critical core business operations on this latest SQL version along with the RLS or Row Level Security Feature that helps providing security at the initial level itself. Then, there is the Dynamic Data Masking incorporated in this database server to make you enjoy the Azure technology and the cloud technology.

Another interesting feature that you can avail while switching to SQL Server Database 2016 is its unique Query Store that serves as a common platform for all kinds of queries you may face in your organization while working on the server. This is not all; the Query Store helps maintaining a complete history of all the plans for query execution along with the data performance for a quick identification of the query and its solution.

PolyBase is another advanced feature you will get to enjoy after migrating to SQL Server Database 2016. Using this feature, the user can enjoy regular data processing with a lot of large text files that can be easily stored in Hadoop or Azure Blob Storage. The best benefit of this feature is that it helps extracting, transforming and loading processes into the database.

How to forget the most exciting feature of SQL Server 2016 and that is the Stretch Database. This feature has been incorporated in this server to enable the user enjoy cheaper storage of both the hot and cold data. In fact, with this feature, Microsoft has tried to help the user reduce the processing costs as well as the storage with the hybrid technology that helps storing data for later use also without occupying much space on the server. Then, there is also JSON or the Java Script Object Notation Support that will be offered to your in SQL 2016 for additional support of any lingua franca of Web applications.

As a conclusion, it can be said that the whole experience of working on a number of databases has been simplified with this new SQL version. It won’t be wrong to state that if you are not working out on SQL Server Database 2016, then you are seriously missing out on a range of great features.

The advanced SQLServer 2016 can still crash and there is no guessing when it may happen

Even the latest 2016 edition of SQL Server can crash without giving any premonition. Rather than wasting time on predicting a crash, one should invest in procuring a sql server recovery application like DataNumen SQL Recovery. This class leading software is designed to handle tricky cases of SQL corruption and can extract contents from a corrupted MDF file located on a virtual drive with ease.

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