Still not using a database like SQL Server in your Services business – this is what you are missing

If you are running a services business – a database can make a huge difference in growing your business and optimizing performance.

Not Using A Database In Your Services Business Miss A LotMost small business owners typically believe that databases are beneficial for big companies only; however this cannot be further from truth. Having a database always helps, the company can be of any size, if it has all its customer and employee information in place, it will almost always have an edge over the others. Small businesses can very much have their own database, often at virtually no cost. With the help of a well organized database a company can predict consumer behavior and launch products catering to the exact needs of the consumer. Now if you are running a services business like a saloon, janitorial services or even a car repair center, a database can come be of immense help in growing your business. Let’s look at the areas where a services business can benefit by using a database like SQL Server

Database In  Services Business

  1. Maintaining customer relationships – With the help of a database it is possible to take down contact information of customers in a structured manner. Once the information is captured, you can use the data to constantly update your customer about latest schemes and offers. You can also create customized set of offerings, gain insights from the data and tailor
  1. Managing Employee records – With the help of an up to date database of company’s employees it becomes easy to keep a record of their absence and presence, their performance and due promotions and other compensation related elements. Small businesses, employing limited staff often ignore maintaining proper records. This is often taken for granted by the employees who go on taking more than permissible amount of leaves, believing no one is keeping a record of their leaves. With a database is place, such issues can be tracked with ease.
  1. Collation of multiple line of business data – There are multiple operations going on in a company, for instance- sales, marketing, recruiting, finance etc. With the help of proper database management all these operations can be performed recorded efficiently. Small business might not employ a different person for different tasks, which makes it all the more important for it to have proper database so that it makes it easier for limited resources to manage all operations and facilitate ­­ multitasking.
  1. Record keeping for compliance – Data stored in a database like SQL Server can easily retrieved or linked with an array of application. Records’ keeping becomes easy and compliance norms including those related to taxation can be easily facilitated.

The SQL Server Express is apt for small businesses in the Services sector

When it comes to choosing a database for your service company, the SQL Server Express offering from Microsoft should be your first call. It is a full-fledged RDBMS and can be made accessible from web based interfaces too. It has the scale needed to grow your company and can support hundreds of simultaneous connections. More importantly it is completely free and can be legally used as a production server.

The only thing you need to be aware of is the chances of SQL crashes. If the SQL files crashes then the data stored in it can become inaccessible. So it is ideal to also keep a sql recovery software like DataNumen SQL Recovery handy. In case of an emergency this powerful software can ensure that all data stored in the Ms SQL Server database is recovered without fail. Moreover this tool is rather easy to operate and delivers results in least possible time.

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