Steps to follow when the Ms Outlook applications fails to close

In the corporate worldth the Ms Outlook client retains its place as the preferred email client. The fondness for Outlook is not restricted to business executives only and it extends to small businesses and other professionals too. Given the wide usage of this class leading email clients, issues associated with it get a lot of attention. Over the years the issue of Outlook application not closing properly has drawn the ire of a significant number of users. The issue may occur due to myriad of reasons and can be tackled by carrying out the following procedures.


Disable Any Recently Installed Outlook Add-ins

One of the primary causes behind Outlook not properly closing down involves add-ins that conflict with Outlook’s core module. To disable the relevant add-ins you need to perform the mentioned steps

  1. Go to Tools tab in the top menu bar and click on Options
  2. Next move to the Others tab and go to Advanced Options  where in you would find the Add-in Manager option
  3. From the list of Add-ins that show up, uncheck the ones that have been recently added or the ones you find irrelevant.
  4. You may also like to check the Com Add-ins too


Look for Programs that May be calling Outlook Data

In some cases Outlook may remain open if its files are being scanned by an antivirus application. Similarly if there is an existing print command that is pending, then the Outlook application may not close properly. Try closing all such applications that you believe may be interfering with the Outlook application. If that does not help, one should restart the system and check whether the problem exists.


Backup your Outlook Data Reinstall the Application

If the steps mentioned above fail to resolve the issue then it is likely that you have to reinstall the application. To do so first backup the PST data files at a safe place and uninstall the Outlook application. Next restart the system and reinstall Outlook from the Ms Office DVD. Once the Outlook has been reinstalled, create a new profile and import the old PST files.


Outlook Errors May end up Messing your PST files

Ask any regular Outlook user and he is likely to have received one or more uncanny error messages thrown by the email client over the years. While most of these error messages may be rather mundane, some of these have the potential to corrupt the underlying PST files. In case you experience a PST file corruption issue then you should immediately take recourse to a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to get back your lost data. This powerful program is capable of bringing out Outlook contents from extensively compromised files and is not hindered by the location of the PST files. Irrespective of whether your Outlook data is placed in a virtual machine disk or is stored in Norton Ghost files, the application can assuredly recover the Outlook contents in quick time.


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