Why and How to Start Your Outlook in Safe Mode

When you come across issues in Outlook, it is highly suggested to start Outlook in safe mode to check and diagnose the issues. This article will exhibit 3 common tips to start Outlook in safe mode.

Why We Need to Start Outlook in Safe Mode?

Whenever we encounter issues with Outlook, it is recommended to start Outlook in safe mode to diagnose the root causes of issues. It will start Outlook without add-ins loaded, reading pane as well as many of the other customization files. If Outlook can function properly in safe mode, the issue may be related to add-ins, email preview or customization files. As for how to start your Outlook in safe mode, you can utilize the following 3 effective methods.

Method 1: Press “Ctrl” Button to Start Safe Mode

When you keep pressing “Ctrl” keyboard button and click on Outlook icon in the Start Menu, Desktop or taskbar, Outlook will detect out the pressing “Ctrl” button. And subsequently a new Outlook prompt will pop up, which is asking you if wish to start Outlook in safe mode or not. Hit “Yes” button and Outlook will start at once. This technique can be applied to all versions of Windows and Outlook.Start Outlook in Safe Mode by Ctrl Key Button

Method 2: Use “/safe” Command to Start Safe Mode

Aside from “Ctrl” button, starting Outlook in safe mode via “/safe” command is another frequently-used approach.Start Outlook in Safe Mode by /safe command

  1. If your computers are working on Windows 7 or Vista, there is a search box in “Start Menu”. Type “Outloo.exe /safe” in it and click on the subsequently emerging program.
  2. In Windows 8, after opening the start screen, you can directly begin to type “Outlook.exe /safe”. The search box will show up automatically.
  3. By default, in Windows 10, there is a search box in the taskbar. But if you’ve hidden it manually before, the search box will turn up when you’re typing. So open “Start Menu” and type “Outlook.exe /safe”.

Method 3: Create a Desktop Shortcut to Start Safe Mode

  1. To begin with, search “Outlook.exe” in the search box of “Start Menu”.
  2. Right click on the arisen program and select “Properties”.
  3. Then in the dialog box of “Outlook Properties”, you should find the “Location” field under “General” tab. Copy the location by “Ctrl + C” key shortcut.Copy the Location of Outlook.exe
  4. After that, close the dialog box. In Desktop, right click on the blank space and choose “New” > “Shortcut”.Create a New Shotcut
  5. In the new window, paste the path to Outlook.EXE and put it between quotes. Next type a space and /safe behind the quotes. Finally the location should be “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\OUTLOOK.EXE” /safeType the Location of the Item
  6. Click “Next” button and specify a name for the new shortcut.Specify a name for the new shortcut
  7. Lastly click “Finish” button. You will get a Desktop shortcut to start Outlook in safe mode.

Fix Outlook Issues

Actually starting Outlook in safe mode can help you diagnose Outlook issues. As a rule, if Outlook can work normally in safe mode, it is likely that the issues arise from faulty add-ins, corrupted view and so on. When discovering corrupted PST files are to blame, you can use the built-in repair tool. If ScanPST fails, you have no choice but to take aid of a third party PST repair tool, like DataNumen Outlook Repair.

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