SQL Server Market Is Growing and There is Demand for Junior DBAs

In this article we take a look at career prospects for your Database professionals

Starting As Juinor DBAWith the launch of the SQL server 2016 there is a growing preference for SQL server as database management software of various companies, thus the demand for Junior DBAs is also increasing. DBAs are the database administrators who play a very important role in managing the company’s database and are responsible for ensuring the security of the same. They are also supposed to perform a lot of technical operations with the database. However the companies continue to remain very particular in what kind of people are they willing to hire as junior DBAs.

A lot of big companies are reluctant in hiring young graduates or pass-outs as junior DBAs, because of their reluctance in giving young graduates the access to the company database which contains all the important and confidential information. They expect people with an experience of minimum 2 years but are unwilling to hire graduates and give them experience as junior DBAs.

The Path One Can Follow to Become a Junior DBA

SQL Server DBAIt is recommended for many of the young graduates to first join as junior developers or junior windows administrator and then move on to become junior DBAs, it is also suggested that they should not change companies after gaining little experience but should instead stay in the company and try to improve their ranks within the company. It is always easier to move up when you know the people, every new company will first put you at a lower rank and then probably promote you later, but you cannot join a new company with little experience and expect them to provide you all access to their company’s database, containing almost all the relevant and crucial information about the company.

This should not dishearten you, if you are a young graduate looking forward to be a junior DBA, this is not the end of the road, you probably need to look for another way around. Go out and gain some experience before you can expect any company to make you their junior DBA. Don’t fall for those institutes claiming to provide you with a job of Junior DBA, no course, degree or class room teaching can give you that, you need to have a firsthand experience of working in a company to be able to get access to the company database and be junior DBA .

If you are aiming to be junior DBA you should also keep in mind the competition you have to face, if your contemporaries have knowledge of software and experience of working with companies as a junior developer or junior windows administrator it gives them an edge over you. In such a cut- throat competition it becomes all the more important for you to make yourself market ready and build your CV in a way that a company feels you have exactly what they are looking for. What a company needs most is the assurance that you will give them your best and help them achieve the target goals. There is a lot of scope for junior DBA in the market, only if the candidate has the required skill set and experience.

As a Junior DBA, You will be Evaluated on the Backup and Recovery Process You Put in Place

When you start your career as a Junior DBA, it is quite likely that you may end up joining a midsized firm and need to put in a proper backup and recovery process. One of the critical challenges that you would experience would involve protecting data in the event of a SQL crash. To assure complete data protection, always consider a sql recovery tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery to deal with contingencies. This remarkable tool will never let you down and can extract records from a thoroughly corrupted SQL file with ease. Moreover it comes handy if you are looking to recover records that got deleted by mistake.

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