SQL Server Compact Edition – Overview and Benefits

As theSQLSERVER2005 popularity of Smartphones and PDA devices increase with every passing day, companies are looking to build applications that can harness the power of these mobile devices. For example a courier and cargo company may wish to facilitate data interchange with PDA devices carried by their agents on the field with their central server. With SQL Server Compact which runs on mobile devices, it is now possible to run an application with two way data transfer with a central SQL Server. Let’s explore the Compact edition in detail.


SQL Server Compact comes with all the typical data controls

The Compact edition offers all the basic features and SQL data structures that are normally found in other versions. In other words features like referential integrity and

Merge replication can be used without any restrictions. Moreover the compact edition allows for seamless synchronization with your central production server which may be running on an SQL enterprise edition. Further it can negotiate indexes with ease and also enforce locking. It also gets easily added up in the Visual Studio development environment.


Is Available for Free

The compact edition is available free of charge and can interact with all other iterations of SQL Server. This makes it an ideal choice for companies looking to roll out a data interchange application which can be used on the move. Any SSMS edition can read and alter the data stored in a compact edition with ease.


Technical Specs

It is important to note that in the compact edition, the data is stored one primary file and it can go up to four gigabytes in size. The edition is extremely easy to deploy as the underlying file can be simply copied to the destination device drive. A setup size of less than even 2 MB adds to its popularity and it has a very narrow memory footprint at about 5 MB. It also offers a significant level of security by extending support to 128 bit encryption standard. Moreover if you wish you can even enforce a password on the database and prevent unauthorized access. As with other SQL databases, the compact edition database file can be compressed if needed and standard repair actions can be initiated in the event of a system issue.


Keeping a Data Recovery Tool Handy acts as a solid failsafe

The MS SQL Server application irrespective of the version in use can at times behave in an erratic fashion and even crash. Now to avoid a catastrophic scenario where your stored data records gets wiped out, you should always keep  sql recovery tool like the venerable DataNumen SQL Recovery nearby. In case you do end up with a situation like a corrupt torn page, the application can quickly come to your rescue. Incidentally it has the capacity to negotiate NDF files with aplomb and is not constrained by their size. If that was not all, the tool serves as a failsafe against accidental deletion of records.


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