Your SQL Server BI System Needs A Powerhouse to Give Best Results-Get the Appropriate Hardware!

In this article we look at the need of getting right hardware for improving the performance of SQL Server BI

SQL Server BIAre you a regular SQL Server user? Then, you must be one of those who wish to optimize the performance of their SQL Server BI. Well, this can be done easily by getting the right hardware. BI or Business Intelligence systems are a preferred choice of many small or medium sized businesses that work on SQL Servers and perhaps, this is the reason for them to enhance their server’s BI to get maximum work related benefits. The best benefit of using BI is that the user doesn’t have to pay heavily for customized data warehouse design; however, the disadvantage is that there could be no input due to weak BI performance. Reading this article, you will get to learn about the best ways to enhance the BI performance of your SQL Server Database.

Work Patiently and Dedicate

The first main thing you should keep in mind while working to enhance the BI or Business Intelligence System of your SQL Server is to work patiently with proper dedication. Often in a hurry to run out of the existing BI System, many small to medium business end up losing a lot of business. In order to make your BI System run successfully, it should be equipped with multiple components like an analysis engine, a database engine, a web server and other similar components; but whatever components you add, make sure to work with proper dedication, as the BI System will take time to upgrade itself.

RAM is Most Important

One of the biggest mistakes committed by a number of SQL Server administrators is that they forget laying attention on the RAM or Random Access Memory. Whether you are aware or not but a database that works with a SQL Server BI needs a good memory and even a 25% shortage of memory can deeply affect the overall performance of the database engine and its BI platform. On the other hand, if you are not able to get your BI Server with more memory, then at least you should try to pick a server that already has a room for expansion in terms of memory when required.

Faster Disk Performance

Lastly, don’t underestimate the disk performance when it comes to enhance your SQL server’s BI. In order to increase the BI, you need a server with a faster disk performance. Another tip here is that spreading the data on different disks can really help your server perform better, thereby improving its BI. You are also advised to pick disks that work on rotational speed and faster the speed, the better the performance will be.

SQL Crashes can happen at any time, even on a top of the line hardware running the latest edition of SQL Server software

One of the trickiest parts of running a SQL Server instance is the propensity of a SQL Crash which can occur at any point of time without any premonition. It does not matter whether you are running a top of the line hardware or using a latest SQL version; the crash can come not withstanding your underlying hardware and software combination. The best way to save yourself from such uncertainty involves investing in a sql server recovery program like DataNumen SQL Recovery. With this tool in place you can be assured that your data can be safely recovered after a SQL crash within minutes. Most importantly the tool can handle the recovery of every other data type or records, stored in the database and has the best recovery rate in the industry.

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